Halo: Reach Series 3: Nameless Female Spartan Enjoys Warthog Weapon Upgrades

McFarlane Toys has finally posted their official photos of Halo: Reach Series 3, along with new two-packs, and weapon upgrades for the Warthog. The figures were shown off in a Diamond Previews catalog a couple months ago, but it's nice of McFarlane Toys to share photos with everyone now. All this Halo figure goodness will be in stores sometime in April, possibly right now.

McFarlane Toys smartly made Warthog upgrade kits instead of making collectors buy a completely new Warthog just to get the new weapons. There is a Rocket Launcher kit with a blue JFO Spartan, and a Gauss Cannon kit with a Spartan Operator that is practically in Spawn colors. All he needs is an "M" design on the chest and it could be the next HellSpartan.

The Gauss Cannon includes a Spartan in Spawn colors. That's two reasons to love this pack.

Now if only there was a spring mechanism so the rockets actually launched.

The single-carded figures include the last Spartan needed to fill out Noble team, Jun, along with a typical assortment of other troops. For Covenant, there's the very cool looking Elite Spec Ops in black armor and a Grunt Heavy with a giant goggled mask. Series 3 also finally includes the only confirmed nameless female Spartan in Rose armor (those previous pink Spartans were never confirmed to be female). For the other UNSC and Spartan troops there is an ODST with a jetpack, a blue Spartan Military Police, the GameStop exclusive steel Spartan Operator, an ugly Toys 'R' Us exclusive rust-colored Spartan JFO, and the Target exclusive Spartan Military Police in a unique Brown and Forest Green color scheme.

The two-packs also continue with a Covenant Airborne pack in green and silver, a new "red vs. blue" Spartan pack with a grenadier and expert marksman, and a UNSC support staff of two nameless soldiers. In my area, the previous UNSC trooper packs were the ones that warmed the shelves for a long time.

Now that Jun is here your Noble team displays can be complete.

It's nice to finally see another certified female in the line... not that you can tell.

Of course the Elite in stealth armor would have the Energy Sword.

The goggles, they do nothing!

The Spartan Operator has a cool new helmet.

This is a great new color scheme.

Even the ODST deserve jetpacks once in a while.

Another blue Spartan in a different helmet.

"Okay, now let's stare in that direction."

The next ugly color to be emblazed upon Spartan armor.

It's another "red vs. blue" 2-pack.

Lastly, we have what could be a peg warmer.

Visit Spawn.com to see more photos and a few packaged pics.

- Shawn - 4/9/11