Halo: Reach Series 4 has an Armor Infection

McFarlane Toys posted a load of photos of Halo: Reach Series 4 which has the usual assortment of Spartan variants and Covenant, but also features new types of armor packs, some fresh paint for the Mongoose, and for the first time, three-packs. There is a lot in Series 4, so let's start off with the single figures. The Covenant side has a Brute Minor, an orange Grunt Major, and a gold-colored Elite General with a fancy hat who reminds me of Serpentor. The UNSC Marine is back, but this time with a full helmet, which looks much cooler than the regular UNSC troops from previous series. For Spartans there are the a blue Mark V, a rust colored CQC (Toys 'R' Us), a red EVA (Target), a steel/pale ODST (GameStop), and an un-helmeted Jorge, who does not include a removable helmet, just no helmet.

"Respect my hat! This, I command!"

"Hail fancy hats!"

The first Brute... of Halo Reach.

The Marines look much cooler with a full helmet.

The usually all-steel GameStop exclusive is livened up with some "pale" coloring.

This is almost like the red EVA from the very first series of Halo figures, just in battle-hardened Reach red and with a different gun.

This rusted Spartan needs to take better care of his armor.

Why so blue, Master Chief? Wait, you're not the Chief.

Why give Jorge a removable helmet when you can just buy the figure again without a helmet.

The old Mongoose is back, but with two new paint jobs. The first Mongoose pack has a Pillar of Autumn Mongoose which includes another Noble Six figure, just in case you don't have enough of him. Noble Six does have the Cortana data tube thing, though, so that's cool. The other Mongoose is red and includes a red Spartan Scout. The black glow-in-the-dark one from ODST was awesome because it wasn't green, so it's great to see the Mongoose in another alternate color. Can we expect a blue one in the future?

Noble Six rides fast to make sure Halo happens.

A Mongoose in red. Red!

There have been two-packs and four-packs before, but new to the Halo line are three-packs. The Spartan Specter pack includes a red Mark VI, a translucent red Mark VI, and a clear Mark VI. Each figure represents the stages of the Specter armor ability. The Infection pack includes two Spartan zombies and a blue/gold ODST survivor. The zombies are a Spartan Pilot with a robot arm and a HAZOP. It's good to see that at least one other figure is getting use out of Kat's tiny robot arm. The lone two-pack for Series 4 includes yet another (but slightly updated) Noble Six and a clear-blue hologram version.

You already know what red and clear Spartans look like, but here's translucent red. It's kind of neat.

"I sure hope zombies are color-blind because I look ridiculous."

It's good to the robot arm get used again.

How the hell do zombies know how to use swords?

The holo moves with you.

There are also more armor packs than ever for Series 4. Two of the packs a re a bit different in that they are carded like the single figures, but do not include a figure; it's just extra armor. Toys' 'R Us will have a rust colored Air Assault armor pack, while Target will have a red Air Assault armor pack. There will also be four boxed armor packs that do include a figure. These include two Air Assault packs, one in steel, one in blue, and two Grenadier armor packs, with one in steel and the other in red. Apparently Series 5 will have two more armor packs that will then give you every piece of armor in the game if you collect them all.

Are 12 pieces of armor worth the price of a full figure? Maybe.

This armor looks rather rusty.

I can see how having a blue or red Emile helmet would be cool...

...unless, of course, you don't like Emile.

So much for GameStop having the lockdown on steel-colored Spartans...

...because now the steel will be everywhere.

This massive load of Halo figures will be out in July. Head to Spawn.com for more photos of everything.

- Shawn - 6/18/11