Halo: Reach Series 5 Brings More Armor, Weapons, and Mongooses

Or is that Mongeese? Halo: Reach Series 5 isn't about to buck the current trend of armor packs and repainted Mongooses, but McFarlane Toys is introducing a couple new helmets on their Halo figures. The Brute Chieftain hasn't had a new version since the very first series of Halo 3 figures back in March 2008, so it's about time that a new Brute Chieftain came out. There is also a new Skirmisher Murmillo, the alien race that has been said to be "wiped-out" during Reach, even though they're the most agile of all the Covenant troops. There's an Elite Ranger with a white jetpack who looks like is wearing a space suit. For Spartan variants this time there is Carter without a helmet, the olive and tan Spartan Gungnir, the red Spartan Operator at Target, and a blue Spartan Security at Toys 'R' Us. Hold on, TRU has a blue exclusive? First GameStop runs out of steel Spartan variants and now TRU runs out of orange and rust variants. GameStop doesn't even have an exclusive figure in this series, which I believe is a first. The times are changing, but not really because the figures are all still some kind of variant.

The Elite Ranger looks like a spaceman.

The Reach Brute Chieftain isn't nearly as fancy as the original.

What happened to these guys? Oh, they were wiped-out, even though they're the fastest. Right.

Carter looks depressed, like he knows his team is going to die.

The Gungnir is a cool new helmet for Spartans.

Here's the blue Spartan for Series 5...

...and here's the red Spartan for Series 5.

The lone two-pack for Series 5 is a Covenant pack of an active-camo Elite Spec Ops and a Grunt Spec Ops. With all the two-packs and three-packs in the other Halo Reach figure series, I'm kind of surprised that there's only one two-pack this time.

Active-camo strikes again.

The two vehicles this time are a cool blue Mongoose with a blue EOD Custom Spartan, and another regular Mongoose, but with a jetpack ODST. I'd like to know when that Hornet is coming out. McFarlane Toys can only keep re-release the Mongoose for so long.

Blue team gets a blue Mongoose.

If the Jetpack is activated while driving the Mongoose, does the whole Mongoose fly?

Armor packs are continuing in full-force in Series 5, which is good if you don't like buying figures for alternate armor. Target has a carded red armor pack with CQB, Security, and Mark V armor. Also in the figure assortment is a pack of extra weapons. I passed the last time there was a weapons pack, but this one includes an extra jetpack and you can always use an extra jetpack. The bigger armor packs include the CQB Custom in steel and olive, and the Gungnir armor packs in steel and red.

More red armor.

The extra jetpack almost makes this set worth it.

That new Gungnir helmet is pretty sweet. Plus, more olive armor.

The rest of TRU's no longer potential rust-colored exclusives all in one convenient box.

Why didn't the steel-colored Gungnir go to GameStop?

Is GameStop done with steel Spartans?

Finally, if you somehow held off on buying any of Noble Team, you can get them all in one big-ass box set.

I'm not sure who this set is target to since the Halo: Reach figure collectors would already have all of Noble Team already.

- Shawn - 9/25/11