Halo: Reach Series 6 Captures Flags and Defends Generators

McFarlane Toys has announced, but is not showing anything of Halo: Reach Series 6. If you've been keeping up with what they've been doing with the last few series, you'll notice that they are continuing with the unmasked variants of Noble Team. This time around Kat and Jun will have unmasked figures. This is good news for me because I don't buy the unmasked variants since they don't actually have removable helmets. Thanks for saving me some money, McFarlane Toys. The Covenant figures for this batch will be a Brute Major in gold armor and an Elite Zealot in maroon armor. Is maroon a new color for Halo armor? I think it is, but it's starting to get difficult to keep track of what colors may or may not be new. The Sabre Pilot is a new figure, although he might just end up wearing repainted armor that the Marines wear. The Spartan variants for Series 6 will be a rust-colored HazOp at Toys 'R'' Us, a red Recon at Target, which sounds like it could be the same as the Recon Spartan from the Anniversary advance wave, and a white JFO at GameStop. Now that's a surprise; GameStop having an exclusive that isn't steel-colored. Did they finally run out of armor to repaint in steel?

New to the Halo line are two boxed accessory packs that will let you "play" multiplayer with your Halo figures. The Team Objective set includes a red Mark V Spartan, with both red and blue flags, both UNSC and Covenant Assault Bombs, and a Capture Plate. The Headhunter set include a green and yellow EVA Spartan, a violet and yellow Spartan Commando, and five flaming skulls. So, they're going to have flaming skulls, but no flaming Spartan helmet? I'm still waiting on that flaming helmet, McFarlane Toys.

These aren't McFarlane Toys Halo figures, obviously, but soon you'll be able to make a CTF diorama almost as awesome as this one. This cool Lego scene comes from saber-scorpion.com.

There are also a couple of larger figure and accessory packs. The Invasion pack includes a red Grenadier Spartan, a blue Elite General, and both UNSC and Covenant Data Cores. The Long Night of Solace pack includes an un-helmeted Jorge (if you didn't already buy him as a single figure), a gold Elite Ranger, and another Noble Six with a new M-Spec Re-entry pack.

Finally, there will be the Generator Defense pack. This has a Generator with a lockdown shield and radar dish, and a sage/steel Spartan JFO. If anything, these new packs will give out a lot more options for dioramas. The series is set for early 2012, but the way things go I might expect to see an advance wave in December.

- Shawn - 9/10/11