Halo: Reach Series 6 Changes its Options with Flaming Skulls

The sixth series of McFarlane Toys' Halo: Reach figures has seen some changes since we last checked in. Some preview images floated about the internet about a week ago, but now Spawn.com has updated with the proper figure images we all know and love. This time, they've added an additional "artistic" photo for each figure. This is great because it gives me an opportunity to post a few official photos of Halo figures looking slightly more dramatic as they stand around.

The biggest changes this series are in the box sets. There was an announcement of the adjustments some time ago, but McFarlane Toys was still not providing any photos, so I promptly deemed it unimportant until we saw photos, as the line-up could always change again. The Team Objectives set includes a red Spartan Mark V with a red flag, blue flag, gray flag, UNSC Assault ?bomb, Covenant Assault Bomb, Capture Plate, Gravity Hammer, and five flaming skulls. Basically, this is the ultimate Halo multiplayer diorama set. The Generator Defense set has a sage/steel-colored Spartan JFO and a big-ass generator with a moveable shield and radar dish. The Invasion set includes a red Spartan Grenadier, a blue Elite general, and both UNSC and Covenant Data Cores. If you want to see what the original plans for the box sets were, go to my post for when Series 6 was first announced. The box sets should be arriving in February/March.

I'm liking these three box sets because it's refreshing to see something other than just figure multi-packs, armor packs, and Mongoose repaints. Plus, each set has accessories that have never been a part of the Halo figures until now. Yep, actual new things, not just a flood of repaints, in the Halo line.

"Yes, Lord Vader, I've reached the main power generators. The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing."

More flaming skulls and flags than a single Spartan knows what to do with.

Protect or capture the Data Cores.

The figure assortment for series 6 includes two more main character variants. There is un-helmeted Jun and un-helmeted Kat. Now you can gaze upon Jun's scarred and tattooed face and Kat's boy haircut all you want. For Covenant forces there is the Brute Major in shiny gold armor, and the Elite Zealot in maroon armor. The expendable UNSC Sabre Pilot looks to simply be a repaint of the UNSC Marine from Series 4. The Sabre Pilot is wearing a helmet, though, so he looks pretty cool. The first Spartan exclusive for this series  is a rust-colored HAZOP at Toys 'R' Us. A red Recon armored Spartan will be available at Target, GameStop, and Wal-Mart. Hmm, that "hard to get" Recon armor has been becoming more and more available over the past year. The third exclusive is a white JFO at Walgreen's. Yeah, you read that right. Walgreen's. The white JFO was initially announced as a GameStop exclusive. I didn't realize that Walgreen's had even entered the Halo figure market, but apparently they're good enough to get an exclusive figure. Next time you go into a Walgreen's you can pick up your prescription, a funny birthday card, and an exclusive Halo figure.

Look, a Halo figure with gold armor that you don't need to send in 500 points for.

"I'm an exclusive where? Walgreen's? Seriously?"


Another helmeted canon-fodder guy! Woot!

Rust is coming.

Hard to find Recon armor is getting easier to find.

Tiny robot arm proud.

Jun is the Spartan all the ladies want because he's got scars and tattoos on his face.

- Shawn - 1/7/12