Heaven Variant Has a Touch of Einhänder

This gameplay video for upcoming shooter Heaven Variant reminds me of Einhänder, but that's not a bad thing. In fact, that's a very awesome thing because Einhänder is one of my favorite shooters. Heaven Variant is being made by indie developer Zanrai Interactive, who are obviously doing an incredible job so far. This video only shows a part of Stage 1, but the game already has some fantastic graphics, great music, and cinematic gameplay. The stage itself, a space colony, is pretty amazing, too, and has a great atmosphere about it. I paused this video many times just to check out all the background goodies a little closer.


According to an interview with Jason Koohi of Zanrai, his major influences are Einhänder, the Thunder Force series, and the R-Type series. I have a feeling that other parts of the game might remind us of Thunder Force and R-Type, two series I miss very much. While its influenced by a few legendary shooter series, I'm sure Heaven Variant will make it all into its own thing when the final game is complete.

Heaven Variant kind of came out of nowhere. Apparently Zanrai have been developing this since August of 2010, possibly even earlier, and are shooting for a mid-2012 release date. Be sure to visit their website for concept art, soundtrack previews, and other goods. Heaven Variant is looking and sounding incredible so far. Zanrai are bringing this to PC, but I sincerely hope that they're able to land a PSN or XBLA release for this.

- Shawn - 2/23/12