Helghast Force DC Direct into the Killzone

Some may say DC Direct has been in the kill zone for a while, because there's always a bit of complaining about their figures that have poor articulation or ones that are pre-posed. DC Direct continues it Sony videogame action figures going by adding two Helghast from the Killzone series, the assault infantry and the sniper. There are no ISA troops in Series 1, but that's fine since they would just look like normal soldiers. The two Helghast look great and suitably 'ghastly for a spot of killing in a designated zone. The knees though, please DC Direct, tell me that their knees are not locked in a permanent squatty position. The Helghast need to be able to stand tall and evilly proud, otherwise DC Direct just went further into the fanboy kill zone. The figures should be out in January 2011. (via Toy News i)

IIf they're in a zone then you can be sure the Helghast are killing.

- Shawn - 5/19/10