-Toaplan & Taito (1989)

-also on Sega Genesis


The Story

Hellfire, that’s what the designers called the ship. They gave a death-dealing, fear-inspiring name to the stupidest looking ship ever made. It looks like a cockpit with three café catsup bottles rotating around it. Yeah, this is quite the lame-ass ship. And they want you to pilot it against the invading alien menace. You hope your piloting skills are up to snuff because when you get back you’re going to blow the hell out of the designers for having to save the world in this piece of crap.   

My Thoughts

You’d think with a name like Hellfire, the game would have you fighting against demons, or better yet, space demons, or you'd be flying your spaceship through Hell. But no, the only thing that resembles hellfire in the game is the hell your fingers will go through trying to switch to the right weapon before the enemy ships blast your silly-looking ass. The game uses a firing system where you use one button to shoot and the other to switch the direction of your gun.

You have your normal straight-ahead shot, a rear shot, an up and down shot, and a diagonal shot. The firing system tries to make the game feel somewhat innovative by making you switch between these four guns during the heat of battle - but it fails. Switching to the right gun fast enough gets annoying very quickly and makes the game feel like a chore. The music sounds too much like a carnival and again, your ship just looks terrible. The bosses are pretty lame, too. Hell, the only thing I’m really giving points for are two decent-looking space cruisers in the last level (It's the red ship and light brown ship shown below). A point for each.

Score: 2.0        






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