Hello Kitty is Down Right Fierce as Street Fighter Characters

The Street Fighter X Sanrio goodies that we first saw at SDCC 2012 have begun Dragon-Punching up pre-orders. The first series of Hello Kitty as Street Fighter characters figurines will be a trio two-packs with Ryu Vs. Cammy, Chun Li Vs. Zangief, and Bison Vs. E. Honda. I still love the look of all of these and they all have that angry Hello Kitty stare. I don't think Hello Kitty has ever had that much hair on her as she does as Zangief Kitty. Just look at that beard! And chest hair.

Hello Kitty can be as fierce as any Street Fighter.

Hello Kitty Street Fighters plush are also coming out in 6" and 11" sizes. Each sizes has HK as Ryu, Chun Li, and Bison. Thee three also come in coin purse versions to hold all your quarters for the arcade... if you have a local arcade anymore. All these Hello Kitty Street Fighter goodies should be out in March 2013. I am so down for the figurines and am debating on whether I need the 6" or 11" plush in my life. That giant plush HK Chun Li isn't up for pre-order yet, if it ever will be.

Head to Big Bad Toy Store for images of the plushies, or go back and look at my SDCC 2012 photos again.

- Shawn - 12/8/12