Hello Kitty Rolls as Blanka

One Street Fighter X Sanrio Hello Kitty plush mysteriously absent from the display cases at SDCC 2013 was Blanka. Well, it turns out there is a plush Blanka Kitty, but it's going to be an exclusive at Stan Lee's Comikaze convention. Since when does Comikaze get cool exclusives like this? I understood why the Alpha Chun Li and Akuma plush were exclusives, but Blanka? He's a core character and one of the original eight. Plus, everyone loves Blanka! This is going to be a tough one to get.

Seeing Hello Kitty in action is no joke.

I can't make it to Comikaze, so I'm going to have to check eBay or Big Bad Toy Store to see if I can nab one after the show. Comikaze 2013 is November 1 - 3. If you go, be sure to get to the Toynami booth early, because if SDCC's Alpha Chun Li Kitty and Akuma Kitty are any indication, Blanka Kitty is going to sell out fast.

- Shawn - 10/11/13