Hideo Kojima is Now a Metal Gear Action Figure

Metal Gear big cheese Hideo Kojima has been posting shots of Play Arts Kai Metal Gear figures on his Twitter for a while, essentially announcing new figures himself and sometimes showing us the figures throughout their development process. Well, Kojima has now become a Play Arts Kai Metal Gear figure himself.

Hideo Kojima, now immortalized in a kick-ass action figure.

Square Enix sent Kojima a one-of-a-kind figure of Kojima's head on Raiden's body from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, or what Kojima has named Hideo Raiden, or Black Hideo. 

Hideo Raiden arrived in the usual cool Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Rising Revengeance packaging.

Kojima then swapped his head to a Play Arts Kai Solid Snake body, making Hideo Snake. I think the Snake look fits Kojima better. He could totally cosplay as Hideo Snake. You can see more photos of Hideo Kojima: The action Figure on Kojima's Twitter.

Snake?! You're Kojima! Snake?! Kojimaaaaa!

- Shawn - 2/4/13