Hideous R-Type Kits Emerge from Treasure Festa

This first photo you see here is the good R-Type kit on display at Treasure Festa in Ariake 8, an event that shows off new and old garage kits. If memory serves, this is the Daedalus from R-Type Final. This is the R-Type kit that looks great, so take a minute to admire its coolness.

The other three R-Type kits are supposedly moe girl representations of the ships' pods and they are hideous, so prepare yourself.

Now, they are not completely hideous; the cute little super deformed R-Type ships are actually fantastic. I would love to see a full line of SD R-Type ships. It's those incredibly butt-ugly un-sexy thong girls that are bizarrely awful. I am thinking these are fan-made kits, which I guess it's the kind of mutant girl this guy likes. These are kind of along the lines of those moe girl figures that wear Vic Viper armor, or Gundam armor, or Zoids armor, but much, much worse. If you need to see bigger photos of these, then head to Tomopop, where they also have a ton of galleries of other garage kits that look way better than these. This is moe gone horribly wrong. Man, that second R-Type girl is really bad, but that third one just kills me.

There was also a non-R-Type ship kit on display. It kind of looks like that red Thunder Force ship. I could be wrong, but at least it looks cool. (via Tomopop with photos by Tokyo-Hunter)

- Shawn - 12/20/12