Hot Dog Storm

-Marble Inc. (1996)



The Story

The worldís supply of hot dogs is in danger! An alien race has invaded Earth to capture every last frankfurter and utilize them for their own evil recipes that will bring destruction to easy-to-make meaty snacks everywhere. You, as a member of the First Supersonics, must destroy the alien forces before our delicious meat by-products disappear.



My Thoughts

I donít know if the title is very poorly mistranslated, a joke, or if the name really is supposed to be Hot Dog Storm. I've seen enough Japanese movies and shows to how crazy the Japanese get with English words, so Iíd say itís the latter. Hot Dog Storm has nothing to do with hot dogs falling from dark lightning clouds. Itís a standard overhead shooter with a cafť cart full of weapon options.

The main course weaponry consists of a pseudo-lightning beam cannon. Optional side dishes are two mechs that fire green balls, rotating turrets with missiles, red spheroids with matching red lasers, and the usual mega bombs. Charge the weapon enough and you'll unload a big tasty shot of condiment balls into the enemy. Some of the enemy deigns are pretty cool with various space fighters, mechs and large bosses attempting to steal your wieners. The game is short and never explains the title. When itís all over we can go back to our daily routines, knowing that the hot dogs are safe once again.   

Score: 6.5     





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