Hot Load of Awesome from Wonder Festival 2011 Winter

Wonder Festival 2011 Winter just happened this past weekend in Japan where hot loads of awesomeness were on display. Some of these killer collectibles include Kotobukiya's Ikaruga model, Revoltech Jehuty from the Zone of the Enders, a transforming Vic Viper from something, chibi Rockman figures, Kotobukiya's next Rockman figure, a 1942 Cammy statue, and a wicked Pyramid Head. I've only picked out some of my favorites, so visit Tomopop for the full galleries.

Kotobukiya's Ikaruga model looks incredible... and very complicated.

Revoltech Jehuty is amazing. I need this.

This transforming ship was at the Konami booth, so it has to be a Vic Viper of sorts.

I can already hear the squee-ing. MegaHouse's Rockman chibi figures are going to be a must own for many fans.

Kotobukiya's Mega Man Zero is next up.

Someone made a sexy yet classy 1942 Cammy garage kit.

A Pyramid Head garage kit ready for murder.

- Shawn - 2/7/11