If an Ace Combat Jet Played Baseball...

...it would be ridiculous. It would also be quite dangerous. Take a look at this picture of an Ace Combat jet pitching a baseball like a freaking missile. To line up a quality pitch the jet would have to circle the stadium a few times and there's no way the batter could hit that thing. It would destroy that bat and rip a hole right through the batter. Would that count as a ball?

I knew the next Ace Combat was going to be different, but this is insane.

So why is a jet from Ace Combat playing baseball? It's just one of the many cameos in Namco's upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Pro Baseball Famista. I'm not a fan of baseball (shocking, I know), but I love Ace Combat and many of the other Namco games getting cameos, so I'm a little curious on how everyone and everything fits in. Besides Ace Combat, there will be cameos from Soul Calibur, Tekken, Ridge Racer, Taiko Drum Master, God Eater, and Idolmaster, and possibly some others. Apparently these baseball games of Namco's always have a Namco Stars team with characters from their other games. I've most likely never took notice of them before because, well, they're baseball games. I don't plan on playing the game, but I do enjoy seeing Namco characters in zany situations. (Famitsu via Andriasang)

It's Taiko ball master! But please, don't play the Taiko with your balls.

I'm starting to wonder if we'll get a few baseball uniforms as alternate costumes in the next Tekken.

Panda bear can't play baseball! How can this be??!!

A tale of bats and balls, eternally retold.

The Ridge Racer car probably drifts around the bases.

- Shawn - 2/9/11