In the Hunt

-Irem (1993)

-Also on: Sega Saturn

The Story

The Earthís ice caps have melted and flooded most of the world. The once great cities of man have been destroyed thanks to their own selfish ambitions. Now, in the post-apocalyptic year of 1993, the Darwin Assimilation Society is forcing people to accept Natural Selection and join their mission of world conquest, or be destroyed. In this world it really is survival of the fittest.  Since most of the Earth is covered in water, even more-so than before, the weapons of choice have become submarines. You are a member of a small rebel group trying to stop the D.A.S. They have already sunk most of your fleet so you are the lone pilot sent to destroy their plot of worldly accepted ideas. But beware; there are rumors that the D.A.S. has awakened ancient creatures that reside in the depths.

My Thoughts

If In the Hunt has one thing, itís originality. There arenít many shooters that stray from the standard jet or space fighter. Since you are piloting a sub, itís understandable that the speed of the game would be a little slower than your usual shooter. The screen only scrolls when you move your sub forward. You will attack and be attacked from two main directions; from the front and above. You can bring the sub to the surface to take out the helicopters and jets that drop depth charges and torpedoes. Many of the bosses are Uber-subs, though Iím not quite sure how the dragon (who can breathe fire underwater???) and the rock-golem fit into the D.A.S. plot. In many of the levels you have to blast away at submerged buildings and highways to advance, which is fun and makes sense in this kind of world. Above all, this is a refreshingly different style on the shooter formula and is quite a bit of fun. 

Score: 8.5       






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