Kojima Pre-Reveals ThreeA's Half-Size Rex and Ray

Ultraman snack eater Hideo Kojima pre-revealed the latest Metal Gear Solid goodies coming from ThreeA: half-size versions of Rex and Ray! This is great for fans who don't have the money and/or the room for the normal massive-sized versions. I'm guessing Rex will be around 7 inches tall with a 12-inch railgun and Ray will be about 8 inches tall with a smaller-yet-still-large 19-inch wingspan. I'm wondering if the half-size Metal Gears will have all the lights and articulation as the bigger originals. The full reveal of half-size Rex and Ray will be at Wonder Festival in a couple weeks, but I have a feeling we won't find out every single detail regarding them. The rest of the details will probably be revealed before ThreeA makes these newer smaller Metal Gears available.

Metal Gear Rex and Ray are being made half-sized to reach more MGS fans.

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- Shawn - 1/28/15

The Monkey's News Box: 1/25/15


  • Marvel announced that they are ending the Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe in Secret Wars. I guess these aren't spoilers since Marvel is telling us all this, but they kind of are. The universes will collide and everyone will be in Battleworld. What happens in Battleworld will form the new and only Marvel universe. Many of the big Marvel stories from the past like Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, Armor Wars, House of M, and many more will be the building blocks of the new universe. Some characters will not make it to the new Marvel universe, which we are told that fans will be probably be angry about. Secret Wars will begin in May with issue #0 for Free Comic Book Day. The Interactive Battleworld map will be updated to show who is where in Battleworld and what stories you can catch up on until this all begins. Watch the video below to see the announcement of all this craziness. DC did the whole New 52 reboot a few years ago and that didn't turn out so good. Hopefully Marvel can make a mass reboot will turn out better.



  • Mondo's Iron Giant figure went up for pre-order this week. The Iron Giant has over 30 points of articulation, two interchangeable heads with light-up features, Hogarth mini figure, gun arm, a girder, and a magnetic S sign to attach to his chest. Their exclusive edition included a "Hand over foot" accessory and sold out super fast. Iron Giant costs $300, but is probably worth it.

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- Shawn - 1/25/15

Super Chain Crusher Horizon Challenges Darius as Widest Widescreen Shooter

The Darius games have some of the widest displays of widescreen gaming, but a shooter has arrived that might be even wider: Super Chain Crusher Horizon. SCCH boasts a 3200 x 800 pixel display that I think is actually wider than the ultra widescreen Darius Burst: Another Chronicle. There are two ways to play SCCH. You can play with the Mono Shot utilizing the largest charge gauge ever to create a chain of explosions, or play it like a normal shooter with rapid fire and just shoot everything. Check out the video with some fantastic trance shooting music by Logic Bomb.


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- Shawn - 1/24/15

The Monkey's News Box: 1/18/15


  • Hasbro's first attempt at a fan-created character was a huge success, resulting in the very popular character Windblade. Hasbro is taking things a step further with letting fans vote on a new combiner team. Fans can decide on whether the characters are Autobots or Decepticons, the types of vehicles they transform into, and the names. The new characters will eventually be a part of the Combiner Wars toys and I'm sure will make their way to the comics, too. All voting will be handled on the Transformers app. I'm excited to see where this goes. Windblade turned out awesome and is a fantastic character, but a combiner team is a much bigger responsibility, so hopefully the fans make good choices again.

Fandom chose wisely for Windblade. Can they do it again?

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- Shawn - 1/18/15

ThreeZero's Iron Kong Brings a Pounding

ThreeZero's second Zoid, the mighty Iron Kong, is ready and willing to bring some poundings to whatever you got. The 1/72 scale Kong has over 50 points of articulation, including the opening mouth and cockpit, spinning blades, and articulated fingers. It has all the detail and weathering you might expect from an awesome ThreeZero product and includes two pilots and a light-up cockpit. Unlike Shield Liger, ThreeZero is offering Iron Kong directly from their webstore for an equally mighty $300. Unfortunately, there is no ThreeZero exclusive item or colorway for Iron Kong, so you're basically deciding if you want it sooner than later by ordering direct from ThreeZero. It will be shipping during the second quarter of this year.

Iron Kong is here to pound out the old Shield Liger.

Now what will ThreeZero make for their third Zoid? There are so many possibilities.

- Shawn - 1/17/15

Direct link: ThreeZero's Iron Kong Brings a Pounding

NECA Debuts 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comics Predator

First teased on the latest Predator visual guide, NECA has revealed the 25th Anniversary Dark Horse Comics Predator. It painted just like the Pred on the original comic cover of Predator #1 from 1989. Yes, it's basically another repaint since the armor isn't exactly like the one the comic cover, but this figure looks spectacular. This makes me want to dig out my old Predator comics.

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- Shawn - 1/14/15

The Monkey's News Box: 1/11/15


  • Hot Toys is making an Alien figure, but it's a busty girl wearing an Alien costume as a part of their Hot Angel line. It almost seems like their version of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo statue line, but with high end expensive action figures. What a coincidence that it was announced hot on the heels of Neil Blomkamp's concept art showing Ripley wearing an Alien head helmet. I guess Hot Toys' previous She Predator Machiko figure will have someone to fight soon.

  • Mezco released new photos of their Judge Dredd One:12 Collective figure. Dredd stands 6" tall has extra hands, weapons, fabric uniform. It's interesting that two companies are doing 6" Judge Dredd figures, Mezco and ThreeA. Mezco's Dredd looks like it came out of a comic, but ThreeA's upcoming Dredd will probably have a more realistic look to it. I'll have to hold off until I see ThreeA's version to decide, but they'll both be around the same price, Mezco's is $65. Mezco is also teasing a Lawmaster (ThreeA has also said they have one in production).

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- Shawn - 1/11/15

NECA's 16-bit Predator Coming to Town for a Few Days

At this point NECA has basically made every Predator that made an appearance in Predator 2 and even re-made a couple, but they found at least one more they can release; the Predator's 16-bit videogame appearance. Similar to the previous  videogame inspired 8-bit Predator figure, the City Hunter Pred has been repainted based on the coloring in the Sega Genesis title. The 16-bit inspired paint gives the figure a very cool color scheme of bronze and black with blue highlights, along with the required skull and spine. The Videogame Predator 2 figure will be out in May, for at least a few days.

Predator is in town with a few days to kill and rip out spines.

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- Shawn - 1/10/15

Mass Effect Minimates Calibrated Two Inches at a Time

Mass Effect Minimates Series 1 won't be traipsing about random retail stores because they are exclusive to GameStop. Being exclusive is fine, although a little weird for such a high profile series, but the problem is that these are in blind bags. They couldn't do these in two-packs or four-packs or single window boxes like all the other Minimates out there? Ugh. At least all the figures are easy to figure out who's in the bag when dong a feel test. If you're looking for a set and hate blind bags it will be no problem to identify Default Male Commander Shepard, FemShep, Garrus, Tali, Liara, Wrex, Ashley, and the Illusive Man.

The Mass Effect crew in 2-inch Minimate form.

I went out to buy seven of these and had no problem figuring out who was in each blind bag. All the characters have a unique piece like Garrus' head, Wrex's big armor, Tali's helmet, or Space Racist's skirt uniform. The Illusive Man is the elusive figure, meaning he's rare and hard to find at only one per case.

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- Shawn - 12/23/14

The Monkey's News Box: 12/21/14


  • ThreeA's first figure of their highly anticipated 2000 AD line will be Judge Death. Death is 1/12 scale and will be available January 14th for $60. Death is looking amazing and is just the first with many more characters to follow.

  • Hot Toys has announced a 1/4 scale Little Groot figure. Groot has three faces and is bendy for dance posing action. This Groot stands around 4.75" and will be $45, which is affordable by Hot Toys standards. And at 1/4 scale, it'll go well with the recently announced 1/4 scale Boba Fett because why not.

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- Shawn - 12/21/14

Genesis Megatron Does What Nintendon't

Mega Drive Megatron is getting a special limited edition version as the Sega Genesis. Besides sporting Sega of America's refit, he'll also includes a Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge with the American art and a Genesis branded controller. The figure also has purple accents instead of red, which, for me, works better considering that Megatron is a Decepticon. With Optimus Prime being a PlayStation and not a Super Famicom, Sega and Megatron are still doing what Nintendon't.

Megatron does! You can't do this on Nintendo!

Genesis Megatron is limited to only 1,000 pieces and is exclusive to the Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. online store, so the only way for us in the U.S. to get him (those of us who would appreciate it the most) is through places like...

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- Shawn - 12/15/14

Commander Shepard's Favorite Default Figure

ThreeZero is making high-end 1/6 scale Mass Effect action figures. First up is Commander Shepard, obviously, with N7 armor based on his appearance in Mass Effect 3. The ThreeZero exclusive version includes an interchangeable head of default male Shepard. He includes interchangeable hands, the M8 Avenger, M5 Phalanx, and Omni Blade. The tiny textured details on the armor are looking great. What's cool about the helmet is that is can be in full facemask or the visor mode. Mass Effect action figures probably won't get much better than ThreeZero's.

"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite me on the Citadel."

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- Shawn - 11/25/14

ThreeA's Master Chief Drops Soon

Since ThreeA started making Halo figures, no character has been more anticipated than Master Chief. The Chief is almost here. While being the first character, or a constantly re-made figure, from other companies, Master Chief is in the fourth round of ThreeA's Halo figures, or their seventh Halo figure, because they strive to make things perfect. Everybody knows Master Chief, so he has to be perfect. ThreeA's other Spartans of Carter, Emile, and Thorne were each paired with an exclusive nameless Spartan, but it looks like the Chief will be all on his own. As it should be, really.

Master Chief doesn't need a weapon. He has plenty.

So, instead of a repainted figure as the exclusive, Bambaland's Master Chief will have an exclusive Light Rifle.

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- Shawn - 11/13/14

Full Size Rocket Raccoon Coming from NECA

Up on the top of NECA's booth at SDCC this year stood a life-size Rocket Raccoon. I had hopes that eventually I could walk into a Toys 'R' Us and see Rocket next to all the other nearly 3-foot tall action figures because, well, I thought it would be like NECA's 1/4 scale figures, just not articulated. NECA has revealed all the info on Rocket and it may not be what you thought it was, or maybe hoping it was. The full size Rocket is considered more of a film prop like NECA's Gremlins puppets with a price to match, so we won't be seeing this at TRU.

"Happy? We're all standing now."

I would liked to have seen Rocket in a different pose, one where his head isn't stuck with his head turned. Or fake fur to at least make him look life-like, which would have made this "figure" look better.

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- Shawn - 11/12/14

ThreeA's Diabolical Doctor Doom

Ashley Wood's second re-imagined Marvel figure is the diabolically evil Doctor Doom, who is up for pre-order over at Bambaland right now. There are three versions of Doom: Classic Doom, Stealth Doom, and Ghost Doom. Classic is close to the classic coloring we know, even though the cape doesn't look all that green. Stealth Doom is all in black. Ghost Doom, on the other hand is completely white and is also the Bambaland exclusive. The 1/6 scale figures stand 13" tall and have LED lighting in the eyes, chest, and thighs. There are also nipples on the armor because Doom demands it.

Reed Richards can't possibly stop Doom in Ghost or Stealth armor.

The figures went up for pre-order on 10/31. I'm not sure how much longer the figures will be up, but it may only be a couple more days with everything else ThreeA has planned for November. Check out ThreeA's Doom Lookbook with a lot more photos.

- Shawn - 11/5/14

Direct link: ThreeA's Diabolical Doctor Doom

Japan Expo '14: Some Random Things

This was Japan Expo's second time the 'states. This is a huge expo in France and I overheard some of the workers talking that this is an experiment to see if this is worth doing more of here. From my time at the expo, I would say it is. This isn't just a convention that centers around anime or videogames, but also Japanese culture like music, art, traditional dances, and flower arranging. And yes, there was a Gundam.

Gundam shops for Gundams.

-There were some high profile guests at Japan Expo 2nd Impact. I already talked about Akira Yamaoka, but also there were mecha designer and director Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis), Daigo Ikeno (character designer for Capcom), Gen Urobuchi (writer of Phantom of Inferno and Fate/Zero, among others), and Izumi Matsumoto (author of Kimagure Orange Road). There were also other artists and musical guests, along with a couple featured cosplayers with Amie Lynn and Living Ichigo.

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- Shawn - 10/26/14

Japan Expo '14: Akira Yamaoka Panel and Concert

Akira Yamaoka is probably best known for being the music composer of the Silent Hill series. He has also done music for may other games, like Beatmania, a couple Contra games, the Sparkster games, a few Gradius games, No More Heroes 2, Shadows of the Damned, Sine Mora, and many others. At Japan Expo 2nd Impact, the second time the expo has been in the United States, Akira Yamaoka signed autographs, held a panel, and even performed a full concert.

Most of the panel was a Q & A. Akira mentioned that there were a few autograph sessions during the expo, but they do not allow much time for questions, so he wanted to open up the panel for questions from the audience.

Masterful composer of Silent Hill and other games, Akira Yamaoka.

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- Shawn - 10/16/14

ThreeA Brings in Recruit and Thorne Halo Figures

Anyone waiting for ThreeA's Master Chief will have to wait just a little bit longer. Next up for ThreeA's Halo Spartan figures are Spartan Gabriel Thorne and a Spartan Recruit in Mjolnir armor. I'm actually surprised that Thorne is the next Spartan instead of another member of Noble team. Thorne will be available at retail and ThreeA's Bambaland web store, while the Recruit is a ThreeA Bambaland exclusive.

The Spartan recruits are packed with LEDs these days.

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- Shawn - 10/13/14

DoDonPachi Type-A Model Coming from Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is bringing us some DoDonPachi. DoDonPachi merchandise has been a little difficult to come by if you don't live in Japan, so it's exciting to see Kotobukiya making something that will be more widely available and easier to import. R.C. Berg made a few DoDonPachi resin kits a while back, but they were super expensive and long gone by the time many fans even knew about them. Well, Kotobukiya is crafting a model kit of the Type-A ship, which is looking awesome in the official photos. This particular red and white Type-A ship is from DoDonPachi DaiOuJou. The kit is up for pre-order at AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan for around 5000 Yen or so and will be out in February. Considering Koto made both Ikaruga ships, I have a feeling Type-B and Type-C ships are also in the works.

- Shawn - 10/9/14

Direct link: DoDonPachi Type-A Model Coming from Kotobukiya


Six PlayStation Systems in One-Sixth

Besides PlayStation Optimus Prime, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. is also making a line of 1/6 scale PlayStation systems in the PlayStation History Collection 20th Anniversary Edition set. First revealed alongside PlayStation Optimus, this line includes the two PS2 systems, the three PS3 systems, and the PS4 (Optimus is most likely not in 1/6 scale, however). Each console also includes accessories like Memory Cards, DualShock 2, 3, 4, and Move controllers with cords, and cameras. Since these are being released in Japan, there are also a couple accessories that never made it stateside like the torne and nasne. What's really great is that the PS2 and PS3 super slim have opening disc trays, to put in one of the six currently unknown games that will be included.

All the numbered PlayStation consoles coming soon in 1/6 scale.

I can think of a few 1/6 scale figures I own that could use some PlayStation in their lives.

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- Shawn - 10/4/14

PlayStation Optimus Prime Shall Stand

PlayStation Optimus Prime is rolling closer to release. Pre-orders for the Autobot leader as a PlayStation console have begun, bringing along some new photos of the figure. Even though it's mostly PlayStation gray, Takara TOMY has really been able to bring out Optimus in the figure. The controllers on the arms still looks a little weird to me, but overall PlayStation Optimus is looking great. The price is around the same as Mega Drive Megatron, so 8000 to 10000 Yen, and is scheduled to be out in February.

"PlayStation is the right of all sentient beings."

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- Shawn - 10/2/14

Kojima Throws Kid Mantis Into the World

Cardboard box virtuoso Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter once again and revealed the Play Arts Kai Kid Mantis prototype. Kojima has also basically confirmed Psycho Mantis as a kid for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Or did he? This is pretty cool, but I still really want a MGS1 Psycho Mantis PAK figure. If the Kid Mantis figure is somewhat in scale with the regular Play Arts Kai figures then it should be much smaller, but I wonder if Square Enix would sell him alone or with some larger accessory. Kojima is sure to read our minds in the near future and post more photos of Kid Mantis just when we want them.

Will Kid Mantis read your games and saves in The Phantom Pain?

Oh, and even though it's an action figure, that is one creepy photo.

- Shawn - 9/16/14

Direct link: Kojima Throws Kid Mantis Into the World

SDCC '14: Cosplay

Here, have some SDCC cosplay. You're welcome. Cosplay at SDCC had more Rocket Raccoon than ever before, because there was basically none before Guardians of the Galaxy made it to the big screen. There was even a sexy Rocket, which was strange thing. While wandering the aisles of SDCC, I overheard a guy say, "Comic-con confuses me. I don't know whether to look at the hottest girl ever or the coolest thing ever." Agreed. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to mange cosplay photos when you're also there to take photos of cool stuff. You could be on the way to take photos at a booth of the awesome new toys, but then you see a certain cosplayer and become totally side-tracked. It happens quite a bit.

Again, there was lots of great cosplay, but my winners are Honey from Space Dandy and Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon. I want to make sure the Lee twins win since I don't want them to find me and beat me up. Or maybe I do. Anyway, other fantastic cosplayers were the DC Bombshells, Chocolina, the Transformers (like G1 Shockwave), and all the Rocket Raccoons. Check out the photos below and click to embiggen.

Also, Mariachi Scorpion and Sub Zero are now the greatest thing ever.

Honey is looking for that special someone, but Space Dandy will do for now.

Jimmy and Billy Lee from Double Dragon are ready to beat down everybody to save the day.

Marvel really changed Rocket Raccoon for the live-action movie.

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- Shawn - 9/14/14

Halo 4 Series 3 Figures Press Forward

Despite McFarlane Toys' Halo figures being in its death throes, it appears that Halo 4 Series 3 will be happening. Unless more are announced before these come out, Halo 4 Series 3 will have a mere three figures; Commander Sarah Palmer, Spartan Gabriel Thorne, and the Elite Jul 'Mdama. The glory days of Halo figures are over.

It's long after Halo 4's prime, but at least we're getting a Commander Palmer from McFarlane Toys.

Three figures is a far cry from 2008 - 2011 where there were multiple series in a year with multiple parts in a series (a preview wave and a regular wave).

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- Shawn - 9/14/14

SDCC '14: McFarlane Builds The Walking Dead

McFarlane Toys is making their Walking Dead figures tiny by getting into the building block business. They want to "revolutionize" building block toys starting with three sets; Daryl with his chopper, The Governor's Room, and the Prison Gate. I'm not sure how revolutionary these will be, but they are a bit more realistic than other building block sets.

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- Shawn - 9/9/14

SDCC '14: Hasbro - Transformers/G.I. Joe

Generations, Masterpieces, and Kre-O

Hasbro seems to be doing more with the Generations line now, which is great because they'll be bringing out a lot more G1 style and IDW comics style figures. First off is the awesome Generations Jetfire. I'm very excited for this figure, but I didn't realize that the weapons and boosters were red chrome. It's cool, but I'm not sure if normal red weapons would look better. Well, it doesn't matter too much because it's a new frakkin' Jetfire. I'm so happy we're seeing an IDW Brainstorm figure, along with a new Sky-Byte, Arcee, Chromia, Double-Dealer, and the fan-made character Windblade. Windblade is already proving to be a great character in the IDW comics and it'll be nice to see her figure at retail soon.

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- Shawn - 9/5/14

SDCC '14: Square Enix Play Arts Kai

Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, DC, Predators, Titanfall, Static Arts, Assassin's Creed, and More

Final Fantasy: Red XIII is still coming along and looks better each time I see it. Fran is finally being made as a Play Arts Kai, which is super awesome and I'm sure Balthier won't be too far behind. The Advent Children Tifa prototype was on display along with Barret and mopey Cloud. There were other FFVII figures on display because VII is what the people want. The Theatrhythm static Arts figures are nice and cute, but there's just something about those rosy cheeked versions of the characters that don't do it for me in figure form. I do really like the Chocobo and Moogle, though.

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- Shawn - 8/31/14

SDCC '14: Kotobukiya

Bishoujo, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel, DC, Metal Gear Solid, and More

Kotobukiya had one of the most impressive displays I've ever seen at SDCC. The ArtFX Darth Vader and two Royal Guards standing with hundreds of Stormtroopers lined-up behind them. I don't even want to know how long it took to perfectly place each Stormtrooper.


Most impressive.

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- Shawn - 8/30/14


Robocop Versus The Terminator, Aliens, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Rocket Raccoon, Star Trek Attack Wing, and More

Robocop Vs. The Terminator: This was one of the most surprising reveals for me at SDCC, but based on NECA making tons of Terminator characters, all the variant Robocop figures, and the retro videogame figures, we should have seen this coming. The Robocop Versus The Terminator game was one of my favorites on the SNES, and when I finally bought a Genesis, the completely different version also became one of my favorite game on that system. Two Robocop figures, three Endoskeletons, an Arnold Terminator, and the Terminator dog are coming up. Sure, these are mostly repaints, but it's a quality line for the comics and games I loved. So, will we see ED-209 re-released in RVTT colors?

One of the greatest cross-overs ever is getting figures.

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- Shawn - 8/26/14

SDCC '14: Acid Rain

Amidst all the merchandise of the many established and popular franchises at the Toynami booth was a diorama for the incredibly cool independent line, Acid Rain. This 1:18 scale line features 3.75" figures and transforming military-esque vehicles. All the vehicles transform from a wheeled or treaded vehicle into a small mech or battlesuit. On display were a bunch of the current figures and vehicles along with some new ones and prototypes.

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- Shawn - 8/21/14

SDCC '14: Godzilla MonsterArts and Minimates

The Godzilla S.H. MonsterArts display at Bluefin Tamashii Nations wasn't nearly as big this SDCC as previous years, but there are still amazing Godzilla figures coming out. The 2014 Godzilla was on full display with quite a cool display base. I'm digging the accessory sets for the Godzilla MonsterArts. These sets help to give a better sense of scale of the Kaiju and give some awesome options for dioramas.

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- Shawn - 8/17/14

SDCC '14: Bluefin Tamashii Nations - Dragon Ball Z

The Bluefin Tamashii Nations booth usually has some big diorama at SDCC, but this year they went with a massive diorama for Dragon Ball Z. I think this was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, diorama they've made for the con. The impressive diorama had a few different environments from the series and a lot of S.H. Figuarts figures. If Bluefin or Tamashii Nations ever wanted to sell environment pieces for the DBZ figures, they easily could.

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- Shawn - 8/10/14

SDCC '14: Bluefin Tamashii Nations

Super Mario Bros., Injustice, Alien Vs. Predator, Star Blazers 2199, Sailor Moon, Gundam, and More

Bluefin had two booths again this year, one with Figuarts, MonsterArts and other figures, while the other had Gundams, model kits, and other stuff. I'll just be combining most of everything into one mega-post, though. If you want to check out Godzilla or Dragon Ball Z stuff, there will be separate posts for them.

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- Shawn - 8/10/14

SDCC '14: October Toys' Skeleton Warriors

It may have been short-lived, but Skeleton Warriors was one of those properties that has really stuck with fans since 1994, despite there being nothing new for years. Hell, the theme song still pops into my head at random times. October Toys' Kickstarter to bring back Skeleton Warriors figures was a success, so now we will all have new figures of the characters. I loved the Skelton Warriors cartoon and figures when they originally came out, so I was very happy to see them returning, even if it was through a Kickstarter. I made sure to stop by the October Toys booth at SDCC to take a look at the figures my and other fans' donations were going towards. On display were the Baron Dark figure, the Titan Skeleton, the Skeleton Guard, and Skeleton Soldier, along with a few other surprises.

Baron Dark will be shipping to fans later this year.

The awesome Bone Dragon. Hopefully October Toys can make this as a figure one day.

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- Shawn - 8/3/14

SDCC '14: Godzilla Art Exhibit

Off behind the infamous Hall H was an art exhibit dedicated to the King of the Monsters. I saw a giant Godzilla looming over there earlier in the day, but didn't go check it out until after the main SDCC hours were done. Luckily, it was still open with hardly anyone there. This was around 7pm when the line for Hall H for the next day was already wrapping up and down the back of the convention center and around the exhibit. Check out the photos below, starting with a huge sculpture of Big-G, and lots of incredible art pieces by fans, along with some official art.

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- Shawn - 8/2/14

SDCC '14: Super7 Alien ReAction

Super7 brought back Alien ReAction exclusives to SDCC this year, with Deep Space mystery eggs and the Egg Chamber playset. The eggs acted like blind boxes and opened up with a figure inside a little ReAction baggie. Super7 didn't reveal how many different figures there were or the number of variants before SDCC, but did say some would be more rare than others. Super7 had previously teased a kind of glittery space field looking alien prior to SDCC, but that was it. The limit was four per person per day, but I only went with two. I opened both eggs when I got back to my hotel room on Thursday night and both figures turned out to be clear Aliens.

At SDCC, everyone can hear you scream if you find a clear Alien in the egg.

On Friday, Super7 was hosting a trade event where those who bought the blind-egged figures could trade them with others

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- Shawn - 8/2/14

Sonic the Hedgehog Joins Megatron

It's the Megatron and Sonic the Hedgehog crossover that some fans have always wanted. Maybe. I was wondering what cartridge Mega Drive Megatron would be inserting into his chest slot, whether it world be an actual game or something made-up for the figure. Well, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. revealed that the cartridge will be the Japanese version of Sonic the Hedgehog. It's a great choice, but somehow Megatron looks just a little less menacing with a smiling blue hedgehog sticking out of his chest.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Megatron, together for the first, and possibly last, time.

Insert Sonic into the Mega Drive slot and Megatron has all the speed and blast processing he'll need to take on the upcoming PlayStation Optimus Prime.

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- Shawn - 8/1/14

PlayStation Optimus Prime Rolling Out

The dreams of reliving the 16-bit wars with Mega Drive Megatron fighting a Super Nintendo Optimus have ended, as Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. announced PlayStation Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is going right to the next generation of consoles transforming into an original Sony PlayStation, complete with a controller and cord. Megatron is stuck as a 16-bit console while Optimus comes rolling in with a full 32-bits.

Optimus Prime is not red e... he's still in the prototype phases.

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- Shawn - 7/31/14

Fanime '14: Some Random Things

It is time once again for a bunch of random things from Fanime 2014.

-The Fanime website promised no more "line-con," which is standing in line for hours on end. With construction at the convention center finally completed, there was a new spot for registration where fans weren't standing out in the hot sun for hours. The way to purchase tickets was done really well this year because people weren't waiting in line for hours to get tickets. I was with a ticket buyers on Saturday and Sunday and they were just able to walk right in to get a ticket and walk out. It was pretty good. However, while there wasn't line-con for tickets, there was line-con at other events.

It's time for the yearly photo of Strikers 1945 III.

I don't think many sold, but it was great to see all these Zoids models.

The best price tag at Fanime.

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- Shawn - 7/20/14

Fanime '14: Cosplay

It's insane how much cosplay there is at Fanime. The convention has been getting bigger throughout the years and this year seems to have had even more cosplay than previous years, which is crazy because there was already a lot. The gallery below is but a portion of the mass amounts of cosplayers this year. There were cosplayers from anime, videogames, comics, new & classic cartoons, and some things I can't even categorize. I swear there were hundreds of cosplayers dressed as the Scout Regiment from Attack on Titan. I only took photos of a few of them, but believe me when I say that there wasn't anywhere to go at Fanime without seeing them. The Titans themselves were more rare, but I did see a few of them. One thing that surprised me was that there wasn't as much Space Dandy cosplay as I was expecting. I saw three Dandy cosplayers, but that's about it. There could have been more at places I wasn't, as seeing each and every cosplayer at Fanime is an impossible task. Well, maybe there will be more next year.

Dig Dug gives a thumbs up for awesome retro games.

The Female Titan is ready to stomp everyone.

You can call them Space Dandy... and Space Dandy.

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- Shawn - 7/19/14

Mass Effect Alliance Cruiser Bronzed for SDCC

Dark Horse is keeping their calibrations in line for Mass Effect Comic-con exclusives by releasing another bronze ship replica for SDCC 2014. This year sees the Alliance Cruiser in a bronze finish. At 350 pieces, there are more than last year's Normandy SR-1 and 2012's Normandy SR-2. It's a little weird that a ship with a short amount of screen time has a bigger run than the Normandy, a ship much more integral to Mass Effect, but maybe the bronze ships are getting more popular. The bronze Alliance Cruiser is over 9" long and will be $60 at the Dark Horse booth, #2615.

With the galaxy saved, the Alliance can spend it's money on flashy bronze upgrades.

You can also check out Dark Horse's other SDCC 2014 exclusives.

- Shawn - 7/13/14

Direct link: Mass Effect Alliance Cruiser Bronzed for SDCC

Fanime '14: Danganronpa Cosplay and a Monokuma

It seems like Danganronpa has risen in popularity very quickly. While the series has been around in Japan since 2010, it didn't officially hit the U.S. until February of this year for the PlayStation Vita. The sequel is already  coming out this September. An anime is also out in Japan, along with a few novels, and a third game is on the horizon. The Danganronpa cosplay gathering had most, if not all, the characters from both games. Some of these characters I'm not familiar with since the second game hasn't come out in America just yet, but that didn't stop these cosplayers from dressing up as the newer characters.

Let the murdering begin!

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- Shawn - 7/13/14

Godzilla 60th Anniversary Diorama of Destruction SDCC Exclusive

As part of Godzilla's 60th anniversary, Bandai is bringing an exclusive figure and diorama set to SDCC 2014. This set has a 6.5" vinyl Godzilla with burn effects "reflected" form the city and a painted glowing blue spine, as if he was just about to unleash his atomic death breath. The slick looking box opens up into a destroyed cardboard city. When I first saw this I got excited that it was a new S.H. MonsterArts exclusive, but it's not. It still looks cool, though. The set is limited to 500 individually numbered pieces and will cost $60 at the Bandai booth. $60 for 60 years. Makes sense, I guess.

Godzilla and a pop-up destroyed city celebrates 60 years of SKREEOONK.

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 - Shawn - 7/9/14

Alien ReAction Exclusives Return to SDCC

Super7's Alien ReAction figures were a huge hit at SDCC last year. The "prototype" figures sold out during Preview Night and they sold a ton of Alien Early Bird kits. For SDCC 2014, Super7 is bringing new Alien ReAction exclusives and is hosting a trade event for one of the exclusives. Super7's first Alien ReAction exclusive for this year is the Egg Chamber Action Playset. This playset base is made from resin, with Facehugger eggs on on the landscape and has a corrugated cardboard backdrop to complete the retro feel. Of course, it comes in a retro box matching the rest of the Alien ReAction figures.

Super7's booth number is now #4945, so don't get lost when trying to hunt down the Egg Chamber.

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 - Shawn - 7/5/14

Fanime '14: Most Hilarious Bootlegs Panel

We've seen some great bootlegs in person or online before, but there are many bootlegs that we don't know exist. I had my doubts that I would even get into the Most Hilarious Bootlegs panel. The line was already super long when I got to it over 30 minutes before it would start. I hadn't been to this panel in previous years, so maybe all these other fans knew that this was a good panel to attend. I stuck it out and was one of the last few people let in. There were absolutely no empty seats, so this panel had be good if it was completely full.

Let's start with a few fantastic bootlegs: A red Sonic on a bus, Gengar as a dog toy, and a PlayStation-looking system with a cartridge slot.

Mighty Car is a terrifying A-Team bootleg, but a gestalt Thomas the Tank Engine would be cool for some people.

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 - Shawn - 7/5/14

Rocket Raccoon Gets Flocked at SDCC

I was kind of hoping that there wouldn't be a Rocket Raccoon exclusive at SDCC '14, but with all the Guardians of the Galaxy hype and this being The Year of Rocket Raccoon, of course there will be an exclusive. Funko is bringing a flocked version of their Rocket Raccoon Pop! figure. Same Rocket, just fuzzier. I need flocked Rocket in my life to add with my other figures of the badass space raccoon. I don't know how limited this will be, but it'll cost $15. I know first hand how difficult the Funko booth is to get into, so this will be a difficult Rocket to get. Oh, there will be some exclusive Marvel Mystery Minis, too, if you like those little dudes. (via Marvel)

"Blam! Flocked you!"

 - Shawn - 7/3/14

Direct link: Rocket Raccoon Gets Flocked at SDCC

Fanime '14: Female Titan Vs. Jenga

Attack on Titan has us all used to seeing Titans breaking down walls, but that changed at Fanime this year when a Female Titan helped construct a giant Jenga tower. Yes, giant Jenga returned to Fanime's Gaming Hall, and with Attack on Titan being a colossal hit, there were a bazillion Attack on Titan cosplayers. Seriously, the Survey Corps are like the new Storm Troopers because if you go to a convention you'll be seeing them everywhere. There were also a few Titans in attendance, with the best sighting being a Female Titan playing giant Jenga. This is it folks, if a Titan wins Jenga then humanity is doomed.

A Female Titan helping build a giant Jenga wall?! How can this be?!

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 - Shawn - 7/2/14

Jumbo Glow-in-the-Dark Alien SDCC Exclusive

Gentle Giant will have an exclusive glow-in-the-dark variant of their awesome vintage style jumbo Alien figure for SDCC '14. At 24" tall, this thing will probably light up an entire room. It's not a night light because it'll practically be daylight in that room.

Good luck falling asleep with this lighting up your Comic-con hotel room.

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 - Shawn - 7/2/14

Transformers Kreon Class of 1984 SDCC Exclusive

If the ever ridiculous Knights of Unicron or movie Dinobots in G1 colors aren't your style of Transformers, Hasbro has a third Transformers exclusive for SDCC 2014 that has the touch and the power: a set of G1 Kreons. The Kreon Class of 1984 set has thirty Transformers in a nice box. The box acts as a display for the Kreons when it folds open. Also included are a bunch of awesome accessories like a boom box, Transformers: The Movie soundtrack on vinyl, VHS tape, and a mullet. If you get one Transformers exclusive at SDCC, this is the one to get.

All your favorite Transformers as tiny Kreons, in one awesome set.

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 - Shawn - 6/25/14

SGH EX Terra Cresta Wings it in November

Details of the Shooting Game Historica EX Terra Cresta set are starting to come together. If you missed it, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. is making all five ships from old-school shooter Terra Cresta, which is awesome in itself, but they will also be able to combine into one larger ship. When combined, Wing Galiber will be a bit over 7" long. There are still no images of the prototypes yet, just a slightly new image of the concept art. The set should be out in November, but with T-ARTS penchant for perfection I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed. While it's priced around $70, it is currently a little less with the pre-order prices at AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan.

 - Shawn - 6/23/14

Direct link: SGH EX Terra Cresta Wings it in November

Big Wow '14: Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kikaida Team-up

The biggest thing at Big Wow '14 was Godzilla, both the Kaiju and Kenpachiro Satsuma, the man in the Godzilla suit from 1984 - 1995. Satsuma was basically in most of my favorite Godzilla movies, so it was pretty amazing to meet him. It wasn't just about Godzilla though, as Satoshi 'Bin' Furuya and Ban Daisuke were also there. Furuya was in the Ultraman suit in the original series and played Officer Amagi in Ultra Seven. Ban Daisuke was the original Kikaida and Inazuman. It would have been great if Big Wow got just one of these actors, but they were able to get all three, which was incredible. The 2014 Godzilla movie had premiered the same weekend, so it was a perfect timing for Big Wow to have these three legendary actors in attendance.

Three of Japan's greatest monster and superhero actors together. Daisuke Ban (Kikaida), Satoshi 'Bin" Furuya (Ultraman), and Kenpachiro Satsuma (Godzilla).

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- Shawn - 6/22/14

Raiden, Natsuki Chronicle, and Shooting Love Triple Shot

A triple shot-o-shooter news starting with the return of Raiden.

2015 is the 25th anniversary of one of the most loved vertical shooters, the original Raiden. To celebrate, Moss is developing a new Raiden game, currently under the working title of Raiden. The game will be out in 2015 on the Xbox One. Moss has only released a concept image, but the game is said to be different than the Raiden games we know and love. There is no word on a PS4 release, but considering Moss' track record, it will probably hit Xbox One first, then arrive on PS4 later in some enhanced form.

Raiden returns to celebrate its 25th anniversary... with shooting!

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- Shawn - 6/21/14

Big Wow '14: The Art of Kaiju & Master of Monster

Godzilla fever was strong at Big Wow '14 with some very special guests, art, events, and panels about Big-G and the people who have been able to make him a big part of their careers. First up was The Art of Kaiju & Master of Monster panel with Kaiju expert August Ragone and artist Bob Eggleton talking about Godzilla and monster movies. August is an expert in all things Kaiju and author of the book Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monster. Bog Eggleton is an amazing Hugo award winning artist who has produced some of the greatest Godzilla art ever seen. There were lots of interesting things they talked about, so here's a bunch of it from the panel, along with photos of Godzilla art by Bob Eggleton from the show floor.

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- Shawn - 6/21/14

Movie Dinobots Cosplay as G1 Dinobots for SDCC

For anyone who thought that the Knights of Unicron set was ridiculous, overpriced, or both, Hasbro has revealed a second Transformers set for SDCC 2014. It is something that a lot of Transformers fans would actually want, even though it's still probably overpriced. Four Dinobots from Transformers: Age of Extinction are painted in fairly accurate G1 color schemes. Grimlock, Snarl, Strafe (Swoop), and Slug (Slag) look way better than the movie color figures and have shiny chrome pieces to help make up for them not being made of die-cast metal. Even though a couple of the designs are still strange, like horns on Grimlock and two heads for Strafe, the figures look closer to Dinobots instead of Dragonbots.

Now these are looking like Dinobots. Except the two-headed thing; that still doesn't make sense.

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- Shawn - 6/19/14

Metal Gear Solid V Punished Snake Exclusive at SDCC

Square Enix is making a tradition of having an exclusive Metal Gear figure at SDCC. For 2014, Lego mini-figure Hideo Kojima has revealed they'll have a bronze-colored Play Arts Kai Punished Snake variant figure from Metal Gear Solid V. If you ever wanted your highly articulated Snake figure to look like a bronze statue, then this would be the figure to get.

I like some bronze time now and then.

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- Shawn - 6/17/14

Save More of the Last Humans in Resogun Heroes

More green voxel humans will need saving in the upcoming DLC for Resogun, but it'll probably be even more difficult than it is in the normal game. Resogun is an awesome shooter for PS4, and I loved it so much that I got the Platinum trophy for it. The much teased DLC, Resogun Heroes, will include new Survival and Demolition modes. Survival is what it sounds like, but with a new day/night cycle and the humans have parachutes, maybe to make it a little slower in them getting captured if you're busy surviving. Demolition is what Housemarque is calling "Arkanoid meets Resogun." In Demolition, a wrecking ball bounces around the level destroying everything. There is no boost, overdrive, or bombs, only a close proximity explosion to help you maybe not die. There will be multi-ball, ball leveling, and apparently just lots of balls.


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- Shawn - 6/14/14

Terra Cresta Rises from Shooting Game Historica

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has revealed their most ambitious Shooting Game Historica ship yet: Terra Cresta. Terra Cresta was a vertical shooter released in 1985 where the power-ups were more ships combining with the first ship. The Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon ships combined to form Wing Galiber. It made the player's ship a lot bigger, but it was such an awesome way to utilize power-ups. In their Shooting Game Historica EX line, T-ARTS is doing just what was done in the game; making all five ships and having them combine to form Wing Galiber. Seriously, this could be the best SGH set ever.

Five ships combine to form Wing Caliber.

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- Shawn - 6/12/14

Big Wow '14: Galaxy Quest Props

Batman fans may have had a small museum filled with hundreds of items at Big Wow '14, but Galaxy Quest fans also at got to see a bunch of screen-used props from their favorite space comedy. There wasn't a ton of stuff there, but it was cool that everything was in the movie. I didn't know these were going to be at Big Wow and the location of the props seemed a little weird. The table was set-up was out of the regular convention hall in the main hallway area. Maybe this was a late addition and the only area was out in the hallway next to the ticket booths? It's been a long time since I've seen Galaxy Quest, so seeing these props didn't hit me as hard as seeing some other stuff form conventions, but I'm going to have to re-watch this to see where all these show up again. Check out the stuff on display from what might be your favorite movie.

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- Shawn - 6/11/14

Ahab Predator Goes Hunting at SDCC

NECA's Predator exclusive for SDCC '14 is Ahab Predator, a new character from the upcoming Dark Horse comic Fire and Stone. Ahab Predator has a cool unique mask, a skull on his chest, and is missing an eye, so you know he's a big badass. He has 25 points of articulation, backpack, spear, and, most importantly, a removable mask. I love removable masks on Predator figures. I'm really digging the look of Ahab. Considering that this guy is from an new Predator comic, it kind of sucks that he's going to be an exclusive and not in a regular series of figures, because a look at the covers of Fire and Stone, it appears he's a major character. It seems like the Ahab Predator may become the white whale for some Predator collectors.

Ahab Predator is hunting for space whales at SDCC.

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- Shawn - 6/8/14

Knights of Unicron is the Most Ridiculous Transformers Set Ever

The labels of Autobot and Decepticon mean nothing when it comes to rockin' out. Optimus, Megatron, Soundwave, and Jazz have formed the Knights of Unicron, an '80s Cybertron hair metal band decked out in glam rock deco in this SDCC 2014 exclusive set. It's not only the most ridiculous Transformers set I've seen, but is sure to be the most ridiculous SDCC exclusive this year, if not ever. The set includes four figures from the Transformers War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron toys, repainted with attachable big hair pieces and flourishes. The set also includes a concert ticket, booklet detailing the history of the band, VIP pass, retro and reunion tour posters, stickers, and maybe a real record all in a roadie case. It's not clear if the record is actually real with songs on it, but if it has Peter Cullen singing as Optimus Prime, then this whole thing might be worth it.

Rock out with your Matrix out.

This set seems to be getting lots of Transformers fans angry, but this is actually a great SDCC exclusive. It's a very unique set that will only appeal to some people.

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- Shawn - 6/7/14

Udon Completes the Art of Capcom at SDCC

It's Ryu versus everyone on a new SDCC exclusive Udon hardcover. There can't be an SDCC without a new Udon hardcover, so this year Udon brings us Udon's Art of Capcom: Complete Edition. This massive 600+ page book contains everything in Art of Capcom 1 and 2, along with over 75 pages of new material. The tome will debut first at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with an exclusive dust jacket with some awesome wrap-around art by Joe Ng.

Ryu versus EVERYONE!

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- Shawn - 6/4/14

Big Wow '14: Batman Museum

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, Big Wow ComicFest had a keen Batman Museum containing hundreds of items from the vast history of the character. The Batman Museum portion of the convention floor was jam-packed all kinds of Batman goodies. There was framed art, statues, figures, glasses, cups, autographed posters, advertisements, toys, and everything else. A replica of the '66 Batmobile was also there, and that is always a cool thing to see. It was very awesome to see all this Batman stuff in one place.

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- Shawn - 6/4/14

Pacific Rim Jaegers Painted Black for SDCC

NECA is bringing a Pacific Rim exclusive to SDCC '14 with the "End Titles" Jaeger three-pack. This set includes Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Stryker Eureka all painted in high-gloss black, like the silhouetted Jaegers in the credits of the movie. The visors glow in the dark, which is neat, and I'm usually a sucker for glow-in-the-dark things. While I like the Jaegers in black, I still want to see the extra painted details like the numbers, danger signs, and symbols on them. I think that would make for cooler variants than just being straight black and give them a more realistic feel. I guess you could consider the Jaegers to be in stealth mode if you wanted.

Jaegers now in a super glossy black finish with glowing visors.

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- Shawn - 6/1/14

Big Wow '14: Cosplay

With Big Wow ComicFest getting bigger there are more and more cosplayers attending to show off their costumes. There were costumes from all over the nerd sphere. Godzilla was a big draw to Big Wow this year so there were at least a couple Godzilla cosplayers along with an assortment of characters from comics, movies, videogames, anime, and whatever else. My favorites from the show was Robocop and Lady Apocalypse. Robocop looked amazing. Lady Apocalypse was an awesome variation I hadn't seen before of one of my favorite Marvel villains.

Part Man. Part cosplayer. All Robocop.

Godzilla is on his way to see the real Godzilla.

Lady Apocalypse will take over the world.

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- Shawn - 6/1/14

Mega Drive Megatron is the Next Level

Megatron welcomes you to the next level of 16-bit game consoles... himself. After months of being just a "coming soon" image on their website, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has added high res images of their awesome Mega Drive Megatron figure. The figure includes a controller that become kind of wing nub things, an unknown cartridge, and has a USB drive cannon that will likely have... something on it, maybe something Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or Transformers related.

16-bits of tyranny,

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- Shawn - 5/30/14

Caladrius Blaze and Resogun Double Shot

It's a double shot of shooter news for the PS3 and PS4!

The upcoming PS3 release of Caladrius Blaze, which includes two new characters, a new Evolution mode, and arcade mode, has a brand new trailer. The exciting trailer full of music and characters talking about shooter things. The end of the trailer announces the release date of August 28th. There still hasn't been any word on a Western release, so importing may be the way to go since it'll be region free.

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- Shawn - 5/27/14

Kojima Has a Mini Cyborg Ninja Friend

Godzilla, Gamera, and Rodan film fan Hideo Kojima has a new figure reveal for Metal Gear fans, the Revoltech Mini Cyborg Ninja. The smaller 4" scale Revol Mini Solid Snake will have neither enemy nor friend to pose with whenever it is eventually released. Kojima says there is a lot of work to be done yet, but the prototype is already looking good and is sure to have a number of cool accessories.

"I've come from a mini world to do battle with you."

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- Shawn - 5/10/14

R-Type Dimensions Returns on PS3

Tozai is finally bringing R-Type Dimensions to the PS3 on May 20th, over five years since it was first released on the Xbox 360 in early 2009. Dimensions is a compilation of the greatest shooters of all time, the original R-Type and R-Type II. Both games can be played in their original pixel versions or in the updated 3D graphics mode. There's still that weird side-view-but-slightly-behind camera angle along with updated music and features like a slow-mo button. The graphics and camera angle can be switched on the fly for instant comparisons of older versus kind of newer. The Infinite Mode is still here, allowing those without the necessary shooter skills a chance to complete the game. Check out the new trailer for the somewhat old R-Type Dimensions.

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- Shawn - 5/10/14

Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kikaida Suiting Up for Big Wow '14

Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kikaida will be arriving at a convention together... not the characters, but the actors who wore the suits and portrayed them on screen. Three Japanese suit actors will be at Big Wow Comic Fest this year. Kenpachiro Satsuma was the man in the Godzilla suit from 1984 - 1995. Satoshi "Bin" Furuya was in the Ultraman costume in the original series and had a role in Ultraman Seven. Daisuke Ban was Kikaida and Inazuman. I'm not sure who at Famous Monsters / Big Wow is responsible for getting these three, but this is pretty awesome.

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- Shawn - 5/10/14

ThreeZero Scavenging Dead Space 3

ThreeZero is making an Isaac Clarke figure from his Dead Space 3 appearance, when the series got more action-y and snowy. Standing at 12" tall, the 1/6 scale figure features a light-up helmet and spine. There aren't too many other details about the figure yet, like whether the helmet will be removable or not, but I'm guessing not because of the LED lighting. The figure will obviously include the trusty Plasma Cutter, as you it's the most important tool / weapon in the galaxy.

Less scares, more snow.

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- Shawn - 5/8/14

Happy Godzilla Blu-ray Day!

It's Godzilla Blu-ray day! A giant number of eleven Godzilla movies were released on Blu-ray today. Eleven! Eight of Big-G's films are Blu-ray double features from Sony Pictures in their new "Toho Godzilla Collection," while the other three are single-disc releases from Kraken. All of them have been remastered in HD. If you're a big Godzilla fan like me, then this is an awesome day. Here's all the HD Godzilla out today:

All the HD Godzilla you can handle in one day.

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- Shawn - 5/4/14

Jabba the Hutt is in the Black for SDCC '14 (UPDATED)

Hasbro has announced an exclusive version of the Star Wars Black Jabba the Hutt for San Diego Comic-Con this year. This Jabba will include Salacious Crumb and Jabba's hookah, which will not be included in the eventual retail release. Like the previous Boba Fett exclusive, Jabba will be in a big black box. The box itself turns into a Jabba's throne room diorama with the outer part of the box resembling the door to Jabba's Palace. Apparently there is a spot in the box to slip in the Han in Carbonite from last year's Fett set, so if you don't have least year's set then you're already missing a piece form this one. I have a feeling this will raise the secondary market price of Han in Carbonite as the diorama might look complete without it.

Salacious Crumb and the hookah are important accessories for Jabba, so it's too bad they're exclusive to SDCC.

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- Shawn - 5/4/14

Jamestown Plus Shoots PS4 to British Colonial Mars

Remember that shooter that took place in 17th-century British Colonial Mars? That shooter, Jamestown, will be arriving on the PS4 this Summer as Jamestown Plus. The "Plus" means that the game will have new ships, new levels on Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos, and a new chapter that finishes the story. Jamestown was originally released for the PC in 2011. Check out the trailer for the updated PlayStation 4 version.

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- Shawn - 4/30/14

The Monkey's News Box: 4/27/14


  • A Transformers X Evangelion crossover is happening. There isn't too much information besides a picture and a brief "story" synopsis that says Optimus Prime and Sky Lynx are going to fight the Angels. I like the look of Optimus Prime in the EVA Unit-01's purple color scheme. Whatever comes out of this, be it a toys, a manga, or something else, it should be interesting. Maybe an EVA or NERV re-deco is on the way for Sky Lynx, too.

Only EVA Unit Optimus Prime can save Tokyo-3.

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- Shawn - 4/27/14

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Trailer

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn brings updated Square Square Square Triangle gameplay with Mobile Suits throughout Gundam history, but now we get to pilot the huge Mobile Armor. Bandai Namco and Tecmo Koei have teamed up to bring the biggest Dynasty Warriors Gundam yet, featuring over 100 mobile suits to pilot from . The visuals have been given a more realistic upgrade as opposed to the cel-shading of the previous two games in the series. Watch the trailer with some of the most epic music around.


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- Shawn - 4/27/14

Revoltech Solid Snake Takes a Mini Smoke Break

A Revoltech Solid Snake is finally sneaking out, but he's not a regular Revoltech figure; he's a Revol Mini. Solid Snake, along with Kinnikuman, are the first figures in the new Micro Yamaguchi line, Revol Mini. Snake stand 110 millimeters tall, which is over 4 inches, making him just a little too tall to hang out with 3.75" G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures. This is a huge missed opportunity. This will no doubt be a high selling figure, but they could have sold even more had Snake been in the more universal 3.75" scale. I really wanted to have Snake drive around in a VAMP or take down an AT-AT, but it looks like my action figure dreams will never happen.

Doesn't Snake know that smoking will make him not in-scale with 3.75" figures?

Even though he's not the best possible size, the amount of articulation and accessories Snake has is fantastic.

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- Shawn - 4/26/14

Godzilla, King of the Minimates

There have been so many different types of figures of the King of Monsters and with Godzilla hype riding high, there will be a lot more coming out soon or later this year, including the first Godzilla Minimates. Diamond Select is making Godzilla and his Kaiju pals in the small 2" articulated Minimates form. Series 1 includes Godzilla, Mothra, Gigan, and Titanosaurus.

Godzilla Minimates to populate a mini Monster Island.

These are looking awesome and I really want to see how a King Ghidorah and Biollante would work as Minimates.

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- Shawn - 4/24/14

Zone of the Enders Dolores Kit Incoming from Kotobukiya

With all the Zone of the Enders Revoltech figures, model kits, and other figures being made over the past few years, it was only a matter of time before the Orbital Frames from the anime were tapped. I shouldn't really be surprised to see a kit of Dolores from the Zone of the Enders: Dolores, i anime, but I kind of am. I guess I just wasn't expecting to see this one. Kotobukiya is bringing out a model kit of Dolores, the very pink Orbital Frame with a spirited personality. The first production run will include two tiny figurines of pilot James Links, one standing, the other sitting so he can go in the pilot seat. If you want to relive all the snappy banter between Dolores and James, then getting her in her first run is the way to go.

Dolores just wants to help Sir Uncle, if she could stop being a klutz.

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- Shawn - 4/23/14

Mega Drive Megatron Transformed

The biggest surprise back at Wonder Festival 2014 Winter was Megatron as a Sega Mega Drive. At a recent Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. business meeting, a video was taken of the Mega Drive Megatron prototype being transformed from console to robot. A cartridge can be placed in Megatron's slot, making me wonder if the cartridge's label will be that of an actual existing game or some made-up Transformers game. The controller becomes a sort of wings nubs that attach to his back. It's a weird figure that kind of makes sense.

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- Shawn - 4/20/14

Mazinger Z Brings Rocket Punches from ThreeZero

ThreeZero has revealed specs and photos of their more realistic take on Mazinger Z. Working with Mazinger creator Go Nagai, ThreeZero has made one of the most incredible Mazinger Z figures ever. The mechanical pieces and paint apps really turn Mazinger Z from an anime/manga giant robot to a possible real life looking mecha. The fully articulated Mazinger Z stands a proud 16" tall, has a detachable Hover Plider, Iron Cutters, Mighty Sword, and light-up eyes. Those that order the figure direct at ThreeZeroStore.com will also receive a Doublas M2 severed head. Doublas never stood a chance.

Super Alloy Z never looked so good.

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- Shawn - 4/19/14

Mega Man Cartoon DVD Gets Retro NES Box Art

If you missed out on the original DVD releases of the 1994-95 Mega Man cartoon, you'll soon have a second chance to get the full series. Discotek is re-releasing the Ruby-Spears produced series with new retro box art reminiscent of an old NES Mega Man game. There is even "wear" in the art to give it a used vintage look. Actually, the art is too good for an NES Mega Man box considering how bad most of the U.S. art was for Mega Man games. What would make this even sweeter is if the set has a slipcase or slipcover to give it that NES cardboard box look when it's on your shelf.

This box art would have been too good for an old Mega Man game.

All 27 episodes of the series spanning both seasons will be on 4 DVDs.

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- Shawn - 4/13/14

The Monkey's News Box: 4/13/14


  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a name that makes sense. It takes place on the Moon between Borderlands 1 & 2 and... you can play as a Claptrap! That's right, a Claptrap is a playable character. The other playable characters are actually previous NPCs from the other two games; Athena (General Knoxx expansion), Sheriff Nisha (Borderlands 2), and Wilhelm (first boss in Borderlands 2). This is exciting stuff. Oh, and there are jetpacks. Jetpacks! Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

Four-player Claptrap action on the Moon with jetpacks is going to be insane.

  • This is what $41 million looks like. At PAX East, Chris Roberts debuted some dog-fighting gameplay and helmet-spinning for his ultimate crowd-funded game Star Citizen. The game is still in an alpha phase, but it's looking very impressive so far.


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- Shawn - 4/13/14

Galaga is in Super Smash Bros.

The Galaga boss ship has a role in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. As an aficionado of all things Galaga, this recent screenshot of the Galaga boss ship capturing Fox McCloud makes me more interested in the new Super Smash Bros.

Does Fox need to do a barrel roll to escape the Galaga capture beam?

While I was already interested in the game, I haven't actively been following it like the hardcore Smash fans, but seeing the Galaga boss is enough to make me want to play this.

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- Shawn - 4/13/14

Flying Hamster Goes from Shooter to Platformer RPG

Flying Hamster was a fun little side-scrolling shooter and developer Game Atelier has started making Part II. The sequel is not a shooter, though; it's a platforming RPG adventure. That's quite a genre jump. The first game had nice visuals and music, cool power-ups like beer and bees, and at times had a Parodius type of humor. It's really a great game. It's a little weird that the sequel would be a completely different type of game, but from the video and assets posted so far, it's looking good.


Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed is based a lot on the classic Wonder Boy/Monster World games, and Game Atelier even says that's what they're going for.

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- Shawn - 4/12/14

Xenosaga Needs a Dinah Figure, Thus Spoke MegaHouse

Xenosaga fans will no longer be out of luck when it comes to figures of the games' mecha. When it comes to Xenosaga figures, it's pretty much Kos-Mos and more Kos-Mos. There are the occasional T-elos figures, or a rare Shion or Momo sprinkled here and there, but it's mostly just endless versions of Kos-Mos. Fans had to resort to making their own figures if they wanted mecha. MegaHouse is finally giving fans a break and by making a figure of the E.S. Dinah unit as part of their Variable Action line. You know, I think this is the first official mecha figure ever from the Xenosaga games. While this isn't and entirely Kos-Mos-less figure, as the Dinah is actually piloted by Kos-Mos, it's great to see that someone is starting to make mecha from the games.

MegaHouse has answered fans' prayers for a Xenosaga mecha.

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- Shawn - 4/10/14

Happy 35th, Gundam!

This year marks Gundam's 35th anniversary, but today, April 7th, is the day the original Mobile Suit Gundam began airing in Japan back in 1979. That's practically Gundam's birthday. So, happy 35th, Gundam! The RX-78 celebrates with a pile of delicious chocolate chip cookies. Gundams love stepping on cookies!

Happy 35th, Gundam! Here's to another 35.

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- Shawn - 4/7/14

The Monkey's News Box: 4/6/14

Movies / TV

  • The first trailer for The Expendables 3 shot online along with sixteen character posters. So much manliness. The trailer is saying this is the last one. If it is, they're really going out with a manly bang. The Expendables 3 hits on August 14th.


  • Ridley Scott is producing a live-action Halo digital feature, which might be a movie or a bunch of smaller chapters released individually. There's going to be a lot of Halo watching if that Spielberg show is still coming.


  • Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures are coming in September. These are based from the new cartoon, but still look incredible. I could do without the goofy heads, but that pizza accessory is one of the best accessories ever. I would love Revoltech figures based on the original Turtles and/or the original animated turtles.

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- Shawn - 4/6/14

Godzilla Action from NECA and in a New Trailer

NECA posted new glamour shots of their upcoming Modern Godzilla figure in some city-smashing poses and couple close-ups. This Godzilla is 6" tall and 12" long from head to tail, with 25 points of articulation and a bendable tail. Big-G is looking good even though his feet seem too small and stubby. NECA has a 12" tall 24" long movie figure coming, too, which will have even more detail than this G. Both Godzilla figures should be out in May.


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- Shawn - 4/5/14

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Guard the LEGO Galaxy

Back at Toy Fair this year, we got our first look at one of the Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO sets from the movie that will launch Rocket Raccoon into super stardom. LEGO revealed the other two sets which round out the members of the Guardians and give us some cool spaceships. The photos of the sets are not big enough to really see everything, but give us a decent look at what we'll get, namely Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

I like that Groot is big, but I also want to see a tiny Groot that Rocket can carry with him.

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- Shawn - 4/5/14

Wheeljack Invents Himself a Masterpiece

Transformers Masterpiece Wheeljack has been known about for a while, with some prototype photos and blurry magazine scans appearing around online, but now there are high quality photos of the original Autobot inventor. These photos come from Amazon.jp and show off a lot of Wheeljack's awesome little details. Masterpiece Wheeljack looks amazing in both robot form and the super cool Lancia Stratos race car.

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- Shawn - 4/2/14

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