Jabba the Hutt is in the Black for SDCC '14 (UPDATED)

Hasbro has announced an exclusive version of the Star Wars Black Jabba the Hutt for San Diego Comic-Con this year. This Jabba will include Salacious Crumb and Jabba's hookah, which will not be included in the eventual retail release. Like the previous Boba Fett exclusive, Jabba will be in a big black box. The box itself turns into a Jabba's throne room diorama with the outer part of the box resembling the door to Jabba's Palace. Apparently there is a spot in the box to slip in the Han in Carbonite from last year's Fett set, so if you don't have least year's set then you're already missing a piece form this one. I have a feeling this will raise the secondary market price of Han in Carbonite as the diorama might look complete without it.

Salacious Crumb and the hookah are important accessories for Jabba, so it's too bad they're exclusive to SDCC.

Last year's Fett set was priced at $45, more than twice the price of the retail figure, so I'm a little afraid to find out what the price will be for a 6" scale Jabba figure with added exclusives in a diorama box. I'm sure this will be limited to one per person. (via Entertainment Weekly)

The picture are very small, but it looks like it'll look cool. And expensive.

UPDATE: The price is $64.99. So that means that retail Jabba might be $30 - 40.

- Shawn - 5/4/14