Japanese Cosplay and Otaku of 1985

Here's a pair of interesting videos of Japan's Comiket 28 from the far back time of 1985. A reporter shows us and interviews the attending cosplayers, manga otaku, and doujinshi artists. Some of them are just as awkward as today's nerds. There are far less cosplayers than today's cons and only a few brave women dressed in the semi-revealing outfits of Dirty Pair and Lum. These days at Comiket, SDCC, or other conventions you can't turn a corner without seeing some female showing off her goods. There are some real gems in there. Except for the Nazi.

Part 2 has a little more cosplay and a an interview with the legendary Osamu Tezuka. (via Sankaku Complex - link NSFW)

- Shawn - 1/23/11