Jazwares' Preview Their Classic Mortal Kombat Ninja Figures

The first photos of Jazwares' 4" Mortal Kombat figures appeared online today and, well, I think it's good that there is a disclaimer saying these are not final and are still pending licensor approval. The amount of articulation looks good, but those paint apps are not that great. Like the 6" figures they also look rather cartoony, Reptile, Ermac, and Scorpion especially, and I know it's throwing me off. Seriously, is there a new Mortal Kombat cartoon coming out that no one has told us about yet? The figures also look brighter than they should. The characters all had fairly bright costumes in the games, but these just seem a bit too bright. Sektor and Cyrax look to be hiding some nice detail in their cyber ninja suits, though. I'm holding out hope that the final versions will look better because I've gotten used to extremely detailed 3&3/4" figures from the G.I. Joe line. I'm also really starting to wonder how Jazwares' upcoming Street Fighter figures are going to look; cartoony like these or more serious like SOTA and NECA? (via ToyNewsi)

I know it's a lot to ask for these, but can Scorpion include an alternate skull head?

The articulation of Sektor and his friends looks decent enough for some fighting poses.

Reptile, before he became an actual reptile ninja.

I really hope these guys at least come with accessories. Cyrax could have a cyber-net.

Ermac seems to be having an error in his ninja suit color.

- Shawn - 6/29/11