Jazwares Reveal Their Mortal Kombat Figures

At Toy Fair this year, Jazwares only displayed packaging mock-ups of their Mortal Kombat figures, which kind of made me nervous of the quality. Jazwares finally revealed the first four figures in their 6" line: Scorpion, Sub Zero, Raiden and Johnny Cage. The figures aren't exactly super awesome, but they're not absolutely terrible either. These iterations of the characters are based on their look in the new game. If you'd rather have the characters' classic look, you'll have to wait until Jazwares reveals the smaller 4" figures.

I really hope the eventual Mileena figure includes a Teddy bear so we can recreate her and Scorpion's Challenge Tower fight.

"Ice to meet you," would be an awful thing for Sub Zero to say.

It's a bit disappointing not seeing the figures packed with all the detail as say a NECA or SOTA figure, or even Hasbro's newest G.I. Joes. The proportions seem a little strange, too. Jazwares are definitely not going for the more realistic look of the characters in the game, but almost more of a cartoony representation of them, which just seems like a bizarre decision to me. If there was a Mortal Kombat cartoon on the air it would make more sense. The figures have over 15 points of articulation, which should be good enough for some fight posing. I do like the Scorpion and Sub Zero figures, I'm just still surprised on the cartoon-like look. I'm not big on the Johnny Cage figure, and the Raiden looks okay, but I'll have to wait to see him in person.

Raiden's hat is strangely flat on top.

Oh Johnny Cage, you cocky arrogant bastard.

The figures do include some accessories. The Scorpion and Sub Zero figures come with weapons, Johnny Cage has extra hands, and Raiden includes... nothing, apparently, not even a lightning bolt. If you head to Jazwares' Facebook page, you can tell them what characters you want to see next. Sonya Blade is already in the works. My vote is for Mileena with a Teddy Bear. After seeing these, I wonder if the 4" line will have the same proportions and everything, just in a smaller scale. I also wonder if Jazwares' Street Fighter figures will have the same look. (via Action Figure Insider)

- Shawn - 5/21/11