Kaneda's Motorcycle Cruising Across Japan

Kaneda's Motorcycle from Akira is now a real thing and it was cruising across Japan. Showa Studio's Shinji Tejima, who built the bike, isn't just riding it around to look like a totally awesome badass, he's actually doing it to raise money for the Bokura Company autism support group... and to be a totally awesome badass. After the road trip, the bike will be on display at the Katsuhiro Otomo GENGA Exhibition April 9th - May 30th where people can have their photo taken on it to help raise money for reconstruction efforts from the tsunami and earthquake disaster. Tejima took seven years and spent 10 million Yen ($121,400) to build the bike, which is the only officially recognized replica of Kaneda's motorcycle. The Gengaten Otomo YouTube page has more videos of the motorcycle in the various cities it's been in. We need to see more, longer, videos of it, though, because it's just amazing to see an actual recreation of Kaneda's iconic motorcycle. (via Anime News Network)

- Shawn - 4/7/12