Kojima Announces New Metal Gear Figures Before Toy Fair

Action figure hero Hideo Kojima has announced two new Play Arts Kai Metal Gear figures, three additional Raiden repaints, and teased a secret figure on his Twitter, all before the New York Toy Fair 2013 gets underway. First off, Kojima teased a figure hiding underneath a Metal Gear 25th Anniversary box. Is it a Play Arts Kai? Some fans are speculating that this is actually a Revoltech figure. If that's the case, then fans can expect another line of cool Metal Gear figures to collect. Maybe we'll see who's under the box in a few days at Toy Fair or Winter Wonder Festival.

Who's in the box Kojima?! Who's in the box?! Kojimaaaa!

Kojima then posted shots of two brand new unpainted Play Arts Kai prototypes, thereby announcing Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and the Metal Gear Solid 2 version of Raiden. Liquid will include a rocket launcher, dog tags, and probably extra hands. Raiden includes a scuba mask, sword, dog tags, and extra hands. Both figures are great additions to the line and should be on display at Toy Fair in a few days.

Kojima also announced three repaints of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Raiden. There will be red, blue, and yellow versions of this figure. Why do we need so many repaints of MGR:R Raiden? Kojima knows, but he's not saying why just yet. I have a feeling each of these might be some kind of an exclusive somewhere. I still love that white version, though. At least the red version of Raiden will be on display at Toy Fair, and maybe we'll find out what retailers or conventions will have all these repaints.

- Shawn - 2/6/13