Kojima Pre-Reveals ThreeA's Half-Size Rex and Ray

Ultraman snack eater Hideo Kojima pre-revealed the latest Metal Gear Solid goodies coming from ThreeA: half-size versions of Rex and Ray! This is great for fans who don't have the money and/or the room for the normal massive-sized versions. I'm guessing Rex will be around 7 inches tall with a 12-inch railgun and Ray will be about 8 inches tall with a smaller-yet-still-large 19-inch wingspan. I'm wondering if the half-size Metal Gears will have all the lights and articulation as the bigger originals. The full reveal of half-size Rex and Ray will be at Wonder Festival in a couple weeks, but I have a feeling we won't find out every single detail regarding them. The rest of the details will probably be revealed before ThreeA makes these newer smaller Metal Gears available.

Metal Gear Rex and Ray are being made half-sized to reach more MGS fans.

One bad thing I can think of is that the smaller size and cheaper price might allow Ashley Wood/ThreeA to release alternate colorways of Rex and Ray. Some fans won't want to buy more of the Metal Gears, but might have to if there are ool colorways. I can already see a Peace Walker yellow Rex or Rising black Ray. Okay, that black Ray would actually be really awesome, especially if it included a tail. More details to come soon!

- Shawn - 1/28/15