Kojima Reveals White Raiden and Revoltech Ardjet at TGS

I think at this point it's safe to say that Hideo Kojima himself has become the official news source for new Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders figures. At Tokyo Game Show '12, Kojima was hot on the Twitter with photos of figures on display at the show. First up, Kojima posted photos of a white Raiden Play Arts Kai variant from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. At last year's TGS, Kojima revealed the red Cyborg Ninja, which later became an SDCC 2012 exclusive. If white Raiden is in the same boat, then expect to see it as an SDCC exclusive next year. The other big reveal from Kojima was the next Zone of the Enders Revoltech, the awesome Ardjet. Ardjet is just in the prototype phase right now, but it's great to finally see a new Revoltech that isn't another Jehuty.

Revengeance is a dish better served in white.

Oh, but don't worry, at least three of Jehuty figures were also on display, including the recently announced Naked Jehuty. As for other Metal Gear figures, Kojima posted photos of regular Play Arts Kai Raiden (with a removable visor) and a more finalized Solidus. It also looks like the ThreeA REX was at the show, with the little Solid and Liquid figures that are exclusive to the version bought off ThreeA's Bambaland store. Check out the photos of the goods, Yoji Shinkawa adjusting the goods, and wait for more awesome reveals form Kojima.

- Shawn - 9/22/12