Kojima Says Play Arts Kai Solidus is "Pretty Big"

Neither Solid, nor Liquid, the next Play Arts Kai sneaky shots from Hideo Kojima are of a fully painted Solidus Snake. Kojima says Solidus is pretty big and he definitely looks it. Play Arts Kai figures are already large, but that extra armor and tentacles beef him up even more. Solidus is also the splitting image of Big Boss, so he has to be big. Metal Gear Solid 2's main villain and ex-president wields dual Katanas and dual P-90s, so his accessories didn't take a hit due to his larger size. The tentacles look a little strange to me with having ball joints instead of being bendy, like most other figures with tentacle-like things, but even with the big ball joints Solidus is looking amazing.

Solidus Snake is the boss to surpass Big Boss himself.

- Shawn - 4/18/12