Kojima Shoots the Core to Reveal Revoltech Vic Viper

Hideo Kojima revealed the Revoltech Vic Viper on his Twitter, just before attending a pizza party. This is the Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure I've been waiting for since the first Jehuty figure appeared and it's now on the horizon. Kojima only posted one photo of it since he had to grab some pizza, but so far it looks good. Kojima mentioned that you can change the parts, which could mean a couple things; either we'll be able to change it by transforming it, or it will include extra parts to switch out to make the space fighter Vic Viper. It would seem strange to actually switch out the parts to change it, and Revoltech has had transforming robots before, so hopefully it means actual transforming. We'll find out once the Vic Viper is shown off by Kaiyodo themselves, but either way I'm happy that the Revoltech Zone of the Enders Vic Viper is finally being made.

Kojima sacrificed a moment of pizza eating to show us Vic Viper. Thanks, Kojima.

- Shawn - 1/21/13