Kojima Shows Off Metal Gear REX's Little Snake

Spaghetti and film addict Hideo Kojima received the production version of the ThreeA's Bambaland exclusive Metal Gear REX and showed it off on his Twitter. ThreeA & Metal Gear fans have been waiting nearly a year for this version of REX and this is proof that they are finally shipping, or will be soon, at least. The big highlight here is that this is our first look at the pilot Snake figure that can sit inside REX's cockpit. I was expecting the "younger" Solid Snake, or maybe even Liquid Snake, but apparently the figure is Old Snake. That's cool, but I like Snake more when he was more Solid than Old.

Snake! You're... older than I thought you'd be.

Kojima's photos also show off the box, manual, and Yoji Shinkawa attempting to assemble the beast. The shot of Shinkawa also gives us another looks at the exclusive white Play Art Kai Raiden, albeit an out-of-focus one. Anyways, if you're still waiting for REX, your wait might, hopefully, be over soon.

Instructions. The fans will need these to assemble REX properly, but...

...if you're Yoji Shinkawa, then you don't need instructions.

REX on his giant box that you could probably hide under yourself.

- Shawn - 1/7/13