Kojima Sneaks Shots of Meryl and Solidus

The last time we saw Kojima taking photos of the Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai Meryl figure and posting them to Twitter, he was wondering if her breasts were okay. It appears as though Meryl's breasts were not okay like that, as there is less nipplage, but he has posted new shots of painted Meryl. Nice. The paint looks great and she has a fierce, if a little strange, look on her face. Plus, Kojima has revealed Solidus Snake as the next figure in the line. Solidus looks to include two katanas, dual P-90s, and his big tentacles. And his bad-ass eye patch. This line continues to be awesome and none of the figures are out yet. Soon, though. (via Tomopop)

"First it's my breasts, now it's my paint. What's next, Kojima?"

- Shawn - 1/31/12