Kotobukiya's Jehuty Model Upgrades to HD

It looks like model kits can be upgraded to HD now. To coincide with the release of Zone of the Enders HD Collection this Fall, Kotobukiya is releasing an HD Edition of its Jehuty kit. Unlike the regular edition, HD Jehuty will include a new radar ring and thrusting thruster accessories. It also colored differently and resembles Jehuty in the HD Collection's new anime sequence. HD Jehuty should be out in August and is can be pre-ordered at AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan. I love all the new Z.O.E. merch coming out, but I don't have time for putting together awesome models anymore, so I'll stick to the Revoltechs for now.

Jehuty in HD. Kind of.

- Shawn - 4/6/12