Kotobukiya Launches its Metal Gear RAY

Hot on the foot stubs of ThreeA's RAY is Kotobukiya's model of the awesome amphibious Metal Gear. Koto's RAY is 1/100 scale, so it can stand a little over 8" tall. It looks fairly poseable as well, able to be in a variety of poses with help from a couple of included display stands, and can go into its "swimming" mode. It even includes five little 1/100 scale figurines of Old Snake, Liquid Ocelot, and three soldiers. While the cockpit opens, unfortunately none of the figurines are in a sitting position, like Liquid Snake was with the REX model. Maybe this is meant to be the unmanned version. The RAY model is unpainted, so those that dislike blue/gold paint scheme (also on the ThreeA version) can paint it however they want, such as the alternate brown/gray scheme shown here, or the darker coloring from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, or even pink with some Hello Kitty flair. Koto's RAY also does not have a tail like ThreeA's, much to the disappointment of fans everywhere.

Kotobukiya's Metal Gear RAY and its tiny figurines.

If ThreeA's incredible RAY is out of your budget for now, then maybe Koto's smaller do-it-yourself RAY can fill in. This RAY has a released date of late April 2014. Check out a ton more photos over at AmiAmi.

- Shawn - 12/19/13