Kotobukiya Mega Man is Mega-Rad

Kotobukiya revealed their Rockman/Mega Man prototype figure back in March, but now they have released a full set of images showing off his fully painted blue bomber color scheme, poseability, and accessories. He looks mega-awesome and has lots of articulation for mega-posing. His accessories include additional hands and fists, arm cannon, a single shot, a mega buster shot, and interchangeable faces for indifferent, happy, and angry action. Unfortunately, it does not include an open-mouthed face for when he jumps like in the games. There's still no confirmation on an official release date, just a Fall 2010, so it could be that rumored month of September. It's easy to see that this figure will be Mega-popular once it's out. More photos are over at GA Graphic. (via Tomopop)

- Shawn - 5/15/10

Mega Man in his Kotobukiya mega-glory.

"E-Tank! It'll get ya drunk!"