Kotobukiya Mega Man Prototype

You may have seen those urban vinyl Mega Man figures in some toy stores and thought they looked cool. Well, they do, but they don't hold a Mega-Buster to Kotobukiya's upcoming Rockman figure. Kotobukiya revealed the 1/10 scale Rockman prototype at their shop in Akibahara, seemingly during the weekend. It looks great, but we'll see how more mega-awesome it'll be when the fully painted figure is shown off. It looks like it has a good amount of articulation for mega-posing action, too. There is no price attached yet, but being a Kotobukiya it will probably be fetching a premium. Supposedly, it will be out this September. The only thing that could make this figure better would be interchangeable weapons from whatever Robot Masters they decide to make. Check out more photos at Azure Toy Box and Moeyo.

Kotobukiya' Mega Man is ready to mega-bust his way to that number 1 spot of Mega Man-related collectibles.

- Shawn - 3/22/10