Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012




The Story

A tribe called Galden has taken over their planet of Bacula. Their thirst for power was not satisfied however, so they turned hungry eyes on Baculaís sister planet, Mu. The Galden amassed a huge armada, consisting of bio-mechanical weapons and race cars. They attacked Mu and kidnapped the Queen during the assault. You are one of the elite guards of Muís monarchy, so it is up to you to rescue the Queen and frustrate the Galdenís plan. You will take on their armada of bio-mechanical weapons and race cars in your transforming space fighter/super car. And no, I did not make up these names, they are the real ones.     


My Thoughts

In each stage you either pilot your car mode or ship mode, car on odd-numbered levels, ship on even. It seems that all the roads on the planet were constructed on cliffs, so you can fall to your death if you drive off the side or miss a jump (yea, your car mode can jump). So, why in the hell would you drive on these dangerous cliffs when you also have a ship mode? You could fly over all the dangerous roads and you'd be fine. It would be much easier to save the world if you used your damn brain a little. 

The car thing is a novel idea, it just doesnít work that well. On the plus side, when you save the world the Queen, and her '80's rocker hair style, thanks you in the nude. Rid your frustration of a lacking shooter by banging the kingís wife. Awesome. I'm sure the two of you will be executed for your passionate rescue.


Score: 5.0       










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