Lethal Thunder

-Irem (1991)



The Story

A powerful alien race has sent an invasion force towards Earth. You will pilot the ship Lethal Thunder. Drive the invaders back to their own galaxy with your world-renowned wrist-action. You are one of the top Wristers in the fleet, having earned numerous wristing commendations since your days in the academy. You are looked up to by teenage boys and admired by hot women everywhere. Now the time has come to show the world how developing excellent wrist-action can benefit man-kind.   


My Thoughts

My wrist and arm are sore and tired, oh so tired. No, not from that you perv, from this game. Lethal Thunder forces you to furiously mash the fire button to get your weapon powered-up. See, the shot meter on the side of the screen increases the faster you hit the fire button, ergo increasing the spread and caliber of your current weapon. The shot meter has another use which also increases the power of the force-thingy being dragged behind your ship. I donít know how itís attached; maybe it just follows the gravitational pull of your ship or something. The higher your meter the more potent and longer lasting your exploding ball will be. You get four main weapons to choose from: the greenish and squirmy vulcan cannon, a directional laser, a flame ball, and a flame thrower. The flame ball and thrower are different. One consists of little flame balls while the other is a regular flame thrower. 

I think Irem has to place something from R-Type in all of their games as the weapon icons are pulled straight from the beloved R-Type series. There are also a couple enemies that look like they were taken from R-Type. The rest of the enemies and bosses are decent but nothing you havenít seen before. Four of the bosses however, are stationary bases, which are a little disappointing compared to the bigger warships in the other three stages. The stages are all familiar shooter locals, but stage six has you flying in a sadistic Tetris-like game. Blocks would fall from the top of the screen and would stack upon other blocks.

I know there are at least four endings to the game, as I received ďEnding No. 4Ē my first time through. This must be the worst of the endings because apparently I took too much time destroying the invading fleet that the invading fleet invaded and destroyed Earth anyways. The multiple endings helps increase the replayability, but make sure you give your wrist a good break before attempting this game again. What puzzles me is why this game is called Lethal Thunder. Not once did I hear any thunder or see any lightning weapons. If your force ball shot out a thunderous ball of lightning rather than a ball of explosions it would make sense. Maybe the name of the ship really just is Lethal Thunder.      

Score: 6.5     








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