Like a Silpheed in the Dark

When there's Silpheed, you know it always shoots them down. Plum has an exclusive Silpheed model for February 6th's Wonder Festival 2011 Winter event. This limited edition model is a black/dark gray Lancer Assault version of the SA-77 Silpheed. Apparently this version of the ship was seen in the game's ending. It's been a while since I've played thorough Silpheed and seen the ending, so I'll just take their word for it. There is communication with other ships throughout the game, so maybe it's also just off-screen as you're playing. If you hear it calling you the price is 5,000 Yen and Tokyo Hunter has a page for it so you can order it. Also, somehow I completely missed that there was a clear version of the Silpheed model at the Wonder Festival 2010 Summer event, which means that Silpheed has both of the usually required clear and black variants now.

The Silpheed model gets the required bad-ass black version.

- Shawn - 1/29/11