Listen up Maggots, Here's the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter Exclusive

A new San Diego Comic-con exclusive Sgt. Slaughter figure in the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary style was announced at this year's Toy Fair, but Hasbro has just revealed photos of the figures this week. Like every other G.I. Joe SDCC exclusive figure, there will be two versions; a regular and a less-produced variant. The regular version is like the original mail-away Sgt. Slaughter figure. It will be wearing the USA tank top and includes his hat, baton, microphone, whistle, and a wrestling belt. The variant is more like the figure included with the old Triple T Tank. It has a regular tank top with camo cargo pants and includes the hat, baton, whistle, a machine gun, and revolver. I'm digging the variant more than the regular one. What I really like about the figure is that it's not all muscled up like the originals; it's more like the real Sgt. Slaughter with much less muscle definition and has a bit of pudginess, although still not as pudgy as the real Sarge. If you can't attend the show, then you'll need some luck getting them from Hasbro's website later. The real Sgt. Slaughter will also be at the Hasbro booth at SDCC this year, so expect lots of photos with the Sarge to come out of the show. (via Toy News i)

There's only two ways out of Slaughter's command; on your feet like a man or in a itty-bitty ditty bag.

- Shawn - 3/6/10