Lost Mass Effect 2 Figures Become Mass Effect 3 Figures

BioWare and DC Unlimited must have patched-up their differences, because the Mass Effect 2 Series 2 figures that were cancelled will be released as Mass Effect 3 figures. Garrus, Legion, Miranda, and Mordin will now be branded as Mass Effect 3 merchandise because they won't be out until April or May of 2012. It also seems that the four might be packaged together as a single 4-pack. Well, I'm glad BioWare and DC Unlimited could see eye to eye, at least enough to get out the hugely fan-favorite characters that made up the second series of figures. I have the first set of figures and they are arguably some of DC Unlimited's best work, and DC Unlimited doesn't usually have great figures. I am incredibly happy that I'll finally be able to get Garrus and Legion in my collection. Better a year late than never.

Despite previous reports, Miranda, Garrus, Mordin, and Legion were not killed during the final mission at the Collector's Station.

There's no word on whether they are limited or if they'll be available at online retailers yet, but they are up for pre-order at the BioWare Store.

- Shawn - 12/5/11