Lost Planet 2: Project Icebox

Today, Capcom did some cool viral marketing for Lost Planet 2 dubbed "Project Icebox." Eight cities in the U.S. would see big blocks of ice containing Lost Planet 2 cases and LP2 toys would be placed in "drop zones" in front of shops and cafes. The codes were for early access to the new demos, which will be available to everyone in a week or so. I was more interested in what toys would be in the ice, so I printed off a map of the drop zones and headed to San Francisco to see them myself.

The blocks were supposed to start being placed around 11am. I picked an area in San Francisco where there were a lot of drop places in a fairly short walking distance. I didn't know where in the city the drops would start, but I hoped the area I chose would be in their 11 o'clock schedule so I wouldn't be waiting around for hours. I got to the area a little after 11 and basically walked in a big circle to see where the drop zones were. It was coming around noon with no sign of any ice blocks. I picked a spot in the shade near a bookstore so I could keep an eye on it. I waited by the bookstore for around half an hour before I decided to take a walk down the street to see if anything was happening at some other drop points. As I was walking past a cafe I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and sure enough, four ice blocks were on the sidewalk. Three of them had PS3 cases and one was an Xbox 360 case, but only two of the ice blocks had a Salamander figurine. It was the same figurine that I bought at WonderCon a few weeks earlier, sans box. I stood there for a bit just to see what people one the street would do when they saw them. Most people would stop, look at them quizzically, ask, touch it, and then walk away. Some of them took photos before moving on. A few people asked if anyone knew what it was for and I would explain what it was. They thought it was cool idea, but clearly were not gamers so they just walked away. For a short time I was an ambassador for Capcom. One guy thought I was in charge of the ice blocks and even congratulated me about this neat marketing idea.

I took a couple photos and one of the blocks fell over. I debated on whether to let the blocks melt or just pick them up and drop them. A second block fell over and cracked, so I decided to just pick them up and bust them open. As soon as I picked up one of the blocks a random guy came up and grabbed one of the other ones. We both broke open our respective ice blocks and grabbed the goodies. Since I'm kind of a completionist I also broke open the ice with the Xbox 360 case. A friend of mine who wanted to be a part of this was running late, so I figured I'd try to get him one, too. I didn't want to seem like a total jerk by taking three of the ice blocks in the same place, so I left the last block standing and headed back to where I was earlier. When I got there, there were still no blocks were to be found. I walked the opposite direction to see if the other drop zones had any left. As I walked I saw someone else busting open a block across the street and the aftermath of other broken ice blocks at other drop zones. About five blocks down I found another cafe with two more blocks still intact. A random lady yelled at me when I broke one open because it scared her. Afterwards, while I waited for my friend to arrive, I headed back to my original spot to see if any were ever dropped off, but it looked like that bookstore got skipped. From the comments at Capcom-Unity it seem like a bunch of drop zones got skipped.

Now this is the funny part. When I got home later I opened the PS3 and Xbox cases, but there was an Xbox 360 code in my PS3 case and a PS3 code in my Xbox 360 case. Hilarious! At lest it all evened-out. I'm not the only one who received opposite system codes, though, because other commenters at Capcom-Unity also had the same problem. Seriously hilarious.

- Shawn - 4/16/10

Capcom pulls another cool marketing stunt, except that the Xbox 360 case had a PS3 code and the PS3 case had an Xbox 360 code.

The first block didn't fall over from the heat, but the pure awesome that was contained inside.

The second block to fall cracked when it hit the pavement, essentially telling me to bust it open.

The aftermath of Project Icebox.