Macross Plus

-Big West/Banpresto (1995)



The Story

The Ministry of Defense on the planet Eden is testing a new stealth Veritech. Everything is going well for the test pilot Guld, until his former friend Isamu is assigned to the same testing area. Now the two compete for the love of their friend Myung, on the ground and in the skies. You won’t see any of that in this game, though. This is just based on the Macross Plus anime, so it won’t give you much, if any, of the actual story.



My Thoughts

If you’re a big Macross fan like I am then you need to try and play every Macross game, even if you’ve heard they suck. Macross Plus is not one of those games. This game vaguely fits into the Macross Plus story line. It features the Veritechs and a couple battles from the series, but that’s about it.  Most of this is “off-screen” action. 

You can choose one of three cool-looking, transforming Veritechs. Each Veritech has its own shot style and special weapon. Of course, they all have the signature Macross missile trails, which you lock on an enemy before unleashing missile-streaming hell. You can transform each Veritech into the fighter, guardian, and robot modes, but only if you collect a transform capsule. It would have been nicer to switch your ship with the push of a button, to give you more control over your ship. When you do transform your Veritech, each mode has slightly different handling and weapons. It’s nice that they differentiate between the three modes. 

The enemies fit well into the world of Macross, and the bosses are pretty cool. Many of them transform from huge fighter to huger robot and dish out new attacks with the transformation. You even fight the SDF-1 at the end of the game. In a few stages mini-cinema stills pop up to show you the pilot’s reaction or threatening face of the chick who took over the SDF-1. But, there isn’t any text to delve you into the story, so just make up your own. Overall, this is a pretty solid game based in the Macross universe and a good play.                       


Score: 8.5     









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