Marvel Vs. Capcom Vs. Minimates

With Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 out right now it'd be great to have some cool cross-promotional toys like the Marvel Vs. Capcom figures from Toy Biz in 1999. Well fate is being kind and there will be MVC3 Minimates coming from Diamond Select. There have been about a bazillion Marvel Minimates already, along with some Street Fighter and Darkstalkers Minimates a few years ago, but now we'll get Minimates of Capcom characters that wouldn't otherwise get the Minimate treatment. Check out this piece of art that supposedly came out of Toy Fair 2011.

Arthur, Amaterasu, Trish, Viewtiful Joe, Zero, and Dante Minimates would never get made if it wasn't for the characters' inclusion in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

This is amazing. Amaterasu, Zero, Dante, Trish, Viewtiful Joe, and Arthur Minimates would not exist if it weren't for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. And some smart licensing deals. There are also many design art pieces out for the Minimates, of what they may potentially look like from different angles, and all the weapons they may include. There is no word on when these will be out, or which ones will be first, or anything besides these designs, but I can't wait. These are going to be too awesome. You can see more MVC3 Minimate design art at Comics Alliance.

- Shawn - 2/15/11