Mass Effect 3 Figures Catch Big Fish with Exclusive DLC

Last December, in the long forgotten year of 2011, the BioWare Store put up the cancelled Mass Effect 2 Series 2 fgures up for pre-order, along with a re-release of Series 1. There was hardly any information, just that the figures would now sport Mass Effect 3 branding and that they'd be out in April/May. Well, BigBadToyStore's weekly email has supplied a little more information for the figures. It turns out some company no one has ever heard of, Big Fish Toys, has taken over the figures. Somehow this unknown company was able to wrestle the molds, or prototypes, or whatever from DC Unlimited's BioWare-angering hands. Each figure will also have a pack-in card and and bonus DLC, exclusive to each character.

Wait, so does that mean the Series 1 figures will also have exclusive DLC? I think it does. What about if I already have all four Mass Effect Series 1 figures from DC Unlimited's run? I'm not going to buy them again, so it looks like I'm out the DLC for four characters. Hopefully, Big Fish Toys will also include more than one accessory for the Series 2 figures, but not for Series 1, because I already bought those. As long as Garrus and Legion finally get mass-produced, everything should be fine with the galaxy.

What will the exclusive DLC be for each character? A new skin tight outfit for Miranda? Pills for Mordin? A pimp hat for Garrus? A poem by Commander Shepard for Legion?

BigBadToyStore has both Series back up for pre-order for a little cheaper than the BioWare Store. Just sayin'.

- Shawn - 1/12/12