Mass Effect 3 Normandy Replica Relays an October Arrival

It took until the third game, but at least we'll get a Normandy miniature for our shelves this year. Dark Horse will be releasing a replica of Mass Effect 3's SSV Normandy SR2 in October. The replica ship will measure 6&1/4" long and looks to include a display stand for some sweet nonchalantly-cruising-through-the-galaxy action. The price will be $34.99 when it arrives on October 26th. I would love to see an entire line of ships from the Mass Effect series, then I could make my room look like Shepard's quarters with all the sweet model ships on the wall.

You can also consider this the first look at the Normandy in Mass Effect 3. It's got a Systems Alliance paint job, so that probably gives you an idea of something that happened. The Dark Horse product listing also mentions October for the "release of the Mass Effect game." Well that could only be Mass Effect 3. Thanks, Dark Horse!

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite replica on the Citadel.

 - Shawn - 4/25/11