Mass Effect 3 Play Arts Kai Figures Do Not Include a Mechdog Companion

Square Enix's Mass Effect 3 Play Arts Kai figures debuted at Toy Fair2012 with unpainted prototypes, but now the figures have gone up for pre-order at various places along the internet and have brought official painted photos with them. The first three figures are Garrus, Ashley, and boring-ass default male Commander Shepard. The Garrus figure looks amazing and Ashley looks pretty good, too. Then there's standard Shepard. He looks good for the default look of the character, but I have no interest in this Shepard that isn't mine. Each figure includes at least a couple weapons and alternate hands. Sadly, none of the figure include the Mechdog found in the Collector's Editions of the game. While relatively useless in the game, it was nice to see my little vertically eyed buddy roaming the cargo bay.

"Calibrate this," could have been the perfect catchphrase for Garrus.

I save the galaxy in ME2 and she still doesn't trust me? What a B.

Looks good for boring default male Shepard.

The trio of figures will be available in August and I'm sure more are in the works. I'm looking forward to a possible Play Arts Kai Legion figure in the future to team-up with this Garrus. Check out more photos at AmiAmi or Hobby Link Japan.

- Shawn - 4/23/12