Mass Effect Alliance Fighter Enters the Replica Firefight

Next year Mass Effect fans will be able to run around a sunflower field "flying" an Alliance Fighter, just like that little kid who got killed by a Reaper in Mass Effect 3. Dark Horse's next spaceship replica from the Mass Effect universe is the SX3 Alliance Fighter. I think the Alliance Fighter is a very cool looking little ship and kind of resembles a boxier version of the legendary Vic Viper. It's up for pre-order now at the BioWare Store and is scheduled to be out in April 2013. That seems like a long time to wait for the 5" long ship. There are a tons of ships in the Mass Effect universe and I bet some fans would love to have a wall of model ships like Shepard does in her (or his) quarters. At the rate Dark Horse is releasing these, though, it'll be ten years before all the Mass Effect ships get made. The Reaper should still be on the way at some point, so for now the fans will just have to take what they can get. Check out more photos at ToyNewsi or the BioWare Store.

The Alliance Fighter, found in burned and devastated fields everywhere next year.

- Shawn - 8/16/12