Mass Effect's Normandy is an Antique

Dark Horse's Mass Effect Normandy ship replicas are just coming out in both Alliance and Cerberus paint jobs, but a third Normandy will be docking next year. The next Normandy SR-2 replica makes the ship look older with a silver antique finish. It'll also have a custom display base, which isn't the base shown in the photo; that's the normal base from the first two Normandy ships. The antiquated Normandy will be out in May of 2012 and some stores have started pre-orders already. This version is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces, so if you're a big Mass Effect fan you may want to get a pre-order up.

How much mineral mining does Commander Shepard have to do to get the Normandy to look old?

- Shawn - 11/22/11