Mass Effect Normandy Replica Sides with Cerberus

I'm thinking that in Mass Effect 3 your Commander Shepard will either be commanding a Systems Alliance Normandy or a Cerberus Normandy. It would make sense depending on the choices your Shepard made in ME2. The Normandy already had the Cerberus paint in ME2, but I still think there could be two different paint jobs for it in ME3. Those that love aliens and peace joined the Systems Alliance and will have the previously announced Normandy replica in Systems Alliance colors in November. For those that hate aliens and have allied themselves with Cerberus, or those that just want both, there will be a second SSV Normandy SR2 replica in Cerberus colors coming from Dark Horse.  The replica is the same 6&1/4" long and $35 price, but is also a bit more sinister. The Dark Horse solicitations for October say this will be available in October, but the BioWare Store says November. Whenever it's launching, it's good to have a choice in your replica starships.

The Normandy as reborn by Cerberus. Now get off my ship, you damn dirty alien.

- Shawn - 7/13/11