Mass Effect's Sovereign Has Come to Reap

Dark Horse's Sovereign replica has appeared on the horizon to reap the collections of Mass Effect fans. I'm not sure, but at 18.5" tall, the Reaper might be close to scale with the Normandy replicas. It got a cool destroyed city display base and will be limited to 1,000 pieces or less. When I first saw the Reaper replica, I figured it would be $100 at max. It turns out that Sovereign will be $350.00. I would love to add this to my Mass Effect collection, but at $350 I'm going to have to pass. For those Mass Effect fans with a ton of money not already reaped by bills, life, or other cool stuff, Sovereign is available for pre-order at the BioWare store for a $100 deposit, with the rest due at a later date. It was at BigBadToyStore for only $300, but the pre-order sold out pretty quickly. Sovereign will be released in June 2013, so plan your reapings accordingly.

Reap, reap reap, all day long.

- Shawn - 10/6/12