Mass Effect Tactics Should Look Like This

There isn't a Mass Effect Tactics game, but if there were to be one it should definitely look like this low polygon count art. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this; this looks like a Mass Effect tactical RPG. Mass Effect is already part RPG and the characters obviously translate so well into the art style. Wrex head-butting with Grunt is great and the Reapers are particularly awesome, but little Garrus taking a missile to the face is absolutely perfect. This art comes from DeviantART user Pyroxene, so head to the DeviantART page or to PolyCount to see this scene from a different angle, lower res versions, and all the characters individually. Shepard, and even Isaac from Dead Space, have been made deformedly cute before in My Sims Sky Heroes and BioWare successfully translated Sonic the Hedgehog into an RPG with Sonic Chronicles, so they could do this kind of thing with Mass Effect. Once Mass Effect 3 wraps up this would be the logical place to go, right?

This battle might not turn out okay since Shepard is the only one fighting the Reapers.

- Shawn - 2/9/12