Master Chief Rides a Hunter Unto Dawn Statue

McFarlane Toys is making a resin statue based on a scene in the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live-action series. I haven't watched the series yet because I'm waiting to get the Halo 4 Limited Edition that has the entire series cut into one big movie. says this statue is a "pivotal scene" so I guess this might be a mild spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the series yet. Although, Master Chief killing a Hunter is something that happens in nearly every Halo game, just maybe not this dramatically. The statue measures 14" high, 13"wide, 7" deep, and weighs a meaty 14 pounds. This super cool looking statue is limited to 500 pieces, is $225, includes a certificate of authenticity, and is signed by Todd McFarlane. This went up for pre-order yesterday, but is still available for its December 13th release date. As soon as Halo 4 is out, and I have time to watch the Forward Unto Dawn movie, I'll be able to see this scene myself. Head to for more photos.

Master Chief, killing Hunters from dusk to dawn and whenever else he feels like it.

- Shawn - 11/3/12